A 2020 Christmas: Home for the Holidays


Annie Peterson | Civil Patriot

We’ve been talking about Christmas 2020, sharing all of our best ideas for how to make the season more exciting and memorable. (Hey, when you look back on this year you don’t really want to remember it as “that Christmas the Democrats stole our election.” 

Our first article listed twenty fun things you can do (most virtually). We’ll pick up where we left off with #21 on the list. 

This Christmas, why not:

21). Host a virtual Christmas caroling party. Invite 10-20 of your closest friends and family members to sing along via Zoom. Encourage them to sing parts (soprano, alto, tenor, or bass) and share your favorite carols. Record the session and send it to loved ones who are needing encouragement. 

22). Take a virtual Polar Express ride with your grandchildren. Meet on Zoom and read the story. Have the kids act it out as you go along. 

23). Learn how to make DIY hot cocoa bombs then give the away as gifts. 

24). Turn an old sweater into a gaudy (ugly) Christmas sweater by hot-gluing Christmas-themed items to it. Host an online contest with your social media friends to see whose turns out the best. Er, worst.  

25). Get a jump on Christmas 2021. Order one gift per day throughout the month of January to be set aside for next Christmas. 

26). Write movie reviews of your favorite Christmas movies and post them online. If you’re a humorist, make those reviews comical. 

27). Donate toys to a local toy drive. There’s no greater way to bring a smile to a child’s face at Christmastime, after all! 

28). Design paper snowflakes with your children and hang them in your windows and around the house. 

29). Load up the kids in the car and go look at Christmas lights. Many families have gone to extra effort this year to light up their homes. 

30). Send your kids on a Christmas-themed scavenger hunt around your house and yard. 

31). Choose your favorite upbeat Christmas tune and create choreography for your whole family.

32). Donate items like blankets, toys, and pet food to your local animal shelter. 

33). String popcorn and hang it on your tree. While you’re already popping that corn, go ahead and make some popcorn balls and enjoy a sweet treat! 

34). Create a “Christmas movie bingo” game and play it virtually with your friends. 

35). Create a Christmas nickel jar. Every day, add one nickel to the jar. Then you’ll plenty of money on-hand when Christmas 2021 rolls around. Use that money to buy gifts for children in need.

36). Find a way to bless local nursing home residents this Christmas season. (Example: Make festive wreaths for the doors of their rooms.) 

37). Make budget-friendly gingerbread houses with the kids. Instead of spending a ton of money on the ready-to-go kits use graham crackers and canned (or bottled) frosting, with candies of your choice for décor. 

38). Play the “Jingle Bell Toss” game. Set up plastic cups in rows and toss jingle bells from several feet away. 

39). Play Christmas charades via Zoom. 

40). Attend a virtual Christmas eve service at a church you wouldn’t normally attend. 

Staying home doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, if you take the time to create a plan, your 2020 Christmas could turn out to be the best one yet! 



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