Biden Administration Sued by 13 States


When I was a kid and some business or establishment would treat my father in a less than stellar way, he would lean my way and say, “Sue, man. . .sue.”

He was kidding, of course. The man never sued anyone in his life. But those words stayed with me, even after he passed away a few years ago. When the pandemic began and we were locked down, I could hear those words ringing in my ears. 

Only, entertaining the notion was pointless. Who would I sue? The federal government? My state? The CCP (Chinese Communist Party)? I had no recourse. I had to go along with whatever they instructed me to do and couldn’t make it right—in a courtroom or out. 

Jump ahead by a full year. 

Thirteen states launched legal action against the Biden administration over a provision in the CCP virus relief package that prohibits states from using the funds to pay for tax breaks.

The Democrats have passed a $1.9 trillion relief package, with a few (stress: few) of the victims of COVID-19 getting financial relief. Mostly, though? The bill is filled with pork. 

The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (pdf) has a provision that’s not sitting pretty with several states. According to the package, states cannot use relief funs to offset a decreased tax revenue that’s due to any tax cuts. This includes rebates, deductions, credits, of lowered/cut rates. 

This past Wednesday 13 states kicked back. They believe this provision is unconstitutional. Their lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for tne Northern District of Alabama. 

According to a piece in Epoch Times: 

The lawsuit (pdf) says the provision in the relief package is “one of the most egregious power grabs by the federal government in the nation’s history.” It argues that the provision, by stipulating how states use federal funds with regard to tax cuts, is akin to forcing states to relinquish control of their taxing authority, which is not allowed under the Tenth Amendment. The lawsuit also accuses the federal government of violating the conditional spending doctrine and the anti-commandeering doctrine.

Plaintiffs in the lawsuit are the states of West Virginia, Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Florida, Iowa, Kansas, Montana, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Utah. The defendants in the lawsuit are Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and Treasury Department Inspector General Richard Delmar.

I can almost hear my daddy’s words ringing in my ears: “Sue, man. . .sue!” 

PHOTO: (Civil Patriot)

And, what I wasn’t able to do on my own, these states are doing on my behalf. 

For that, I am extremely grateful. 

For more on the suit, click the video below: 

(fox news/youtube)


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