Buccaneers troll Nick Foles with Tom Brady-Derek Carr photo


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ official Twitter account seemingly threw some shade after Sunday’s win over the Las Vegas Raiders.

It’s been two weeks since Tom Brady caused a stir when he walked off the field without shaking Bears quarterback Nick Foles’ hand, a decision the 43-year-old QB downplayed when pressed about it. Chicago ended the Bucs’ three-game winning streak when it took a 20-19 win in Week 5, and many thought Foles and Brady’s championship history prompted the six-time Super Bowl champ to take the unsportsmanlike route.

After Tampa Bay defeated the Raiders 45-20 Sunday, the Buccaneers Twitter account posted a photo of Las Vegas QB Derek Carr and Brady shaking hands, writing “QB respect” with a handshake emoji.

The post seemed pretty intentional following the backlash Brady received for his reasoning to leave the field before shaking Foles’ hand. Considering the Eagles stunned the Pats in Super Bowl 52, many speculated that Brady was being a sore loser, especially because he had greeted Chargers QB Justin Herbert the week before and Packers QB Aaron Rodgers the week after.

“I didn’t even think about that,” Brady said last week. “I think Nick Foles is a hell of a player and a Super Bowl champ. I don’t know one reason or another why I wouldn’t do that. Sometimes I run off the field, sometimes I haven’t.

“Sometimes if I have a personal relationship like I have with [Saints quarterback] Drew [Brees] and Justin and Aaron over the years — I don’t know, I don’t think it’s anything in particular other than I have great admiration for Nick and I think he’s a hell of a player. [The Bears] are off to a great start.”

Foles, on the other hand, opted to take the high road when asked about how Brady handled the postgame moment.

“I’m sure that some day, Tom and I will have a great conversation about it and probably just laugh at it,” he told 670 The Score. “There’s obviously history there from a big game we both played in once, and then Thursday night. It is what it is. I think he’s a tremendous player. Some day, we’ll have a good conversation.”

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