Catapulting Toward January 6th

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It’s Going to be a Dramatic Week in Politics, Folks.
Annie Peterson | Civil Patriot

I don’t think it would be an exaggeration to say that the entire country will be riveted to their big-screen TVs and mobile devices over the next few days as several major political stories unfold on top of each another. 

Sunday, (January 3rd):
Nancy Pelosi retains her spot as Speaker of the House but by a slim margin. There was some thought that she might be ousted. According to an earlier statement from a veteran congressional aide: “A serious effort is underway to prevent Pelosi from becoming speaker, backed by the GOP and Democrats who are disturbed by their party’s embrace of extreme rhetoric and policies like ‘defund the police.” (Epoch Times) But, she’s back. 

Monday, (January 4th):
Lawsuits will continue to move forward in multiple states related to election fraud. New reports of statistical anomalies will continue to drop daily. Trump’s campaign team has announced they are preparing “specific evidence” for Wednesday’s vote in the House and Senate, so they will be very busy in preparation for that. Trump supporters will be gearing up to converge on D.C. for Wednesday’s rally, many arriving early to prepare. Republicans in the House and Senate will seek to rally more supporters to stand against the electoral count. (One can only hope we will hear of many more). 

Tuesday, (January 5th):
The Georgia run-offs will take place. Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue are fighting for their political lives and the conscience and soul of the Republican party. It’s no exaggeration to say that this election, (which will determine whether or not Republicans maintain control of the Senate) is critical to our nation’s future. And, with Georgia doing such a stellar job of handling votes during the recent presidential election, one can only wonder if this upcoming election will be just as perilous. Key conservatives will converge on the state of Georgia to offer support and encouragement. 

Wednesday, (January 6th):
D-day: This is the day the House and Senate convene to accept or reject the states’ electoral votes. What we know about January 6th so far: 100+ members of the House and a dozen Senators plan to object to the count, due to questions of fraud that have been uncovered in recent weeks. They are asking for an emergency 10-day audit of the results by an electoral commission. On that same day, millions of Trump supporters will converge on D.C. to show their support (and to make their voices heard regarding the election fraud). Trump plans to attend the rally in person to thank them for their support. According to The January 6th rally in Washington DC is shaping up to be the largest ever assembly in Washington DC history. From what can be ascertained from social media and grassroots communication to CTH, millions are inbound, and the scale is growing exponentially.”  The Mainstream Media is already doing what they do: painting Republicans to be radicals who burn down cities. Oh, wait. That’s not the Republicans, is it? But it hasn’t stopped the Left from making the claim that this event in D.C. is going to be terrifying. It’s so terrifying, in fact, that one hotel has closed its doors to conservatives. 

Whatever happens between now and the 6th, there’s sure to be high drama. And you can count on the Mainstream Media to cover it with their usual slant. Already, CNN’s Jake Tapper has used the words “sedition caucus,” “bloodless coup,” and “traitors” to describe the conservative representatives challenging the electoral vote. Left-leaning Chuck Todd called Senator Johnson (FL) an “arsonist” for making allegations of fraud. 

(And again, I ask: Who’s burning down the cities, again?) 

Grab the popcorn, folks. Settle in on the sofa. Have your anxiety meds nearby and your favorite conservative friends on speed-dial. If you’re inclined to pray, this might be a great week to do so. I predict we’re going to need it. 




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