Cuomo’s Aid Admits they Hid Nursing Home Data

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Scarlet Lindsey | Civil Patriot

In a stunning admission from Governor Cuomo’s top aid Melissa DeRosa we have learned that New York’s nursing-home death toll from COVID-19 was actually double what they originally reported. 

Ms. DeRosa admitted privately to Democratic lawmakers that they ‘froze” out of fear that the numbers would be used against them by federal prosecutors. 

New York’s Attorney General (Letitia James) reluctantly confirmed the story about the attempt to conceal the actual number of deaths. 

According to the NY Post (who broke the story): 

The stunning admission of a cover-up was made by Secretary to the Governor Melissa DeRosa during a video conference call with state Democratic leaders in which she said the Cuomo administration had rebuffed a legislative request for the tally in August because “right around the same time, [then-President Donald Trump] turns this into a giant political football,” according to an audio recording of the two-hour-plus meeting.

Back in May the NY Department of Health issued this directive to Nursing Homes:

During this global health emergency, all NHs [nursing homes] must comply with the expedited receipt of residents returning from hospitals to NHs. No resident shall be denied re-admission or admission to the NH solely based on a confirmed or suspected diagnosis of COVID-19. NHs are prohibited from requiring a hospitalized resident who is determined medically stable to be tested for COVID-19 prior to admission or readmission. (NY Dept. of Health)

As a result of this directive, more than 9000 COVID-19 patients were returned to nursing homes early in the pandemic to infect even more. Prior to this directive patient were required to have a negative COVID-19 test before they could return from a hospital to the nursing home. But this controversial directive from Cuomo changed all of that. 

Gateway Pundit explains the logic behind this decision: 

Cuomo was given a $1 million cash infusion for his campaign from the General New York Hospital Association.  So he later repaid them by giving them blanket immunity protections for healthcare industry executive and administrators, the same individuals and institutions that have made a fortune moving sick Covid-19 patients to nursing homes.

Mark Molinaro was Cuomo’s 2018 challenger. He currently serves as a Dutchess County Executive. He shared these thoughts relate to Cuomo: 

“For over six months, day after day, in briefing after briefing, Governor Cuomo stood before New Yorkers and lied about his directive that contributed to the deaths of thousands of seniors. In the coming days he will cynically try to convince us that it was for our own good — that it was someone else’s fault. This is another lie. What is true, is Andrew Cuomo has proved himself unworthy of our trust, and unfit for public office.”

Republicans and Democrats alike have come out swinging, many calling for Cuomo’s resignation. 

Alessandra Giaggi (D-Westchester) was a vocal critic of Cuomo’s under-reporting. She had this to say: “You’re only sorry that you all got caught. Because of your decisions thousands of people died who did not have to die.” 

And that, of course, is the real point.

Back in August of 2020 Michael Caputo (assistant secretary of public affairs in the Dept. of Health and Human services) tweeted that Cuomo’s order had, “planted the seeds of infection that killed thousands of grandmothers and grandfathers.” 

Cuomo’s response to the accusation that innocent people died under his watch? 

“Look, whether a person died in a hospital or died in a nursing home, it’s — the people died,” Cuomo said. Later, he asked, “Who cares? 33 [percent], 28 [percent], died in a hospital, died in a nursing home. They died!”

With friends like these, what NY nursing home patient needs enemies? 



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