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I think it’s better to have less friends than to have fake friends.
Hina Khan

I once dated a guy who wasn’t who he presented himself to be. I know, I know. . .not an unusual story. But this guy really wasn’t who he said he was. Let’s just say he kept his wedding ring in the glove box and only showed me his bare ring finger. 

I was clueless. In fact, I was just starting to think I’d found the perfect-for-me guy. This handsome hunk of goodness had totally won my heart. Talk about putting up a good front! If it hadn’t been for the phone call from his wife, I might still be dating him. Go figure. 

Sometimes it’s hard to tell the good guys from the bad ones, isn’t it? This is especially true in Washington D.C., where everything—and everyone—fades to shades of gray in the blur of political correctness. It’s no longer enough to say, “Oh, he’s a Republican. He’s on our team.” Nope. He might be hiding his wedding ring in the glove box. 

I liked it when the good guys wore white hats. That made it easier. But, let’s be real: a lot of our current Republicans wouldn’t be wearing white hats. They would probably look for Stetsons in a murky shade of gray. 

Oh, they talk a good game. They say enough of the right things to get elected. But once they land in D.C. it’s like they get transformed into the image of all they see and hear. They’re stuck in a never-ending cycle of animosity toward their fellow Republicans. 

This feels strangely reminiscent. 

Remember that amusement park ride from the ‘70s—the one where you got stuck to the wall as the cylinder-shaped room spun round and round? I’m convinced that’s what happens to some of our Republicans. They walk in to the halls of Congress wide-eyed and innocent. And then the Deep State gets their tentacles into them and they end up stuck to the wall, frozen in place, unable to think clearly. 

I won’t name names. You know who they are. 

They’re frosty to our current president. They’re cold and haughty to other Republicans. They’re happy to parade themselves in front of left-wing news shows, heroes in the eyes of the liberals. But, why? Why would they go so far out of their way to bring such animosity to those they once called brothers and sisters? Why aren’t they working to bring our party together instead of tearing it apart? 

Though it sounds extreme, I believe many have sold their souls—if not to the devil, then the devil that is D.C. They’ve sold out. That’s why they’re so frosty to those of us who espouse true conservative beliefs—they think we’re wrong. And they’re just narcissistic enough to think that their holier-than-thou approach is going to teach us some sort of lesson. 

I did learn some lessons from my married boyfriend and I’ve learned a few lessons from the RINOs, too. Faithfulness, once lost, is nearly impossible to regain. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice. . .

Well, you know the rest. 

I don’t trust politicians. I think that by the time they’ve made it, with the concessions they’ve had to make in that position, I don’t believe they still have the beliefs they had at the root.
Rick Astley



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