Gender Madness: When Can We Wake Up from This Nightmare

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Scarlet Lindsey | Civil Patriot

Biden is after girls’ sports. There’s no other way to say it. He’s determined to destroy one of the truly innocent, fun things we have left. And he’s going to do it all under the guise of equality. 

Oops. Sorry. I meant “equity.” 

That’s the new catch-phrase. All the cool kids are using it. 

I’m not cool. I never have been and never will be. And I’ll certainly never understand the gender-dynamics going on in the world today or the hoops that we and our children are expected to jump through—how we’re supposed to change not just our thinking, but our speech and our actions to accommodate a minority bent on changing the rules almost daily as their needs morph and shift. 

I honestly can’t keep up. Just keeping it real. 

Boys are girls and girls are boys, and there are about forty choices in-between. Our representatives aren’t using words like “mother, father, aunt and uncle” anymore. They’re rewriting history with gender-neutral words to make the LGBTQI-LMNOP folks happy. And part of that involves robbing our girls of their sports by forcing them to allow men to compete alongside them. . .

As women. 

I’m trying to picture the look on my granny’s face if she had lived long enough to witness all of this. I’m confused for her, and she’s not even here. Rachel McKinnon is a philosophy professor at the College of Charleston who was born as a biological male but considers herself a trans woman. She’s also a world champion women’s cycler and brags about it on Twitter. She posted the following:

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Female athletes aren’t having it. Like, me, they understand the real reason why men outperform women: They’re bigger. They have more muscle mass. Textbook anatomy proves that “skeletal muscle constitutes about 42% of a man’s body mass but only 36% of a woman’s body mass.” (

I’m convinced that Biden and his left-leaning cohorts could care less about girls or sports. This is all agenda-driven. If he can keep the LGBTQI crowd happy Dems will have their votes for years to come. I can’t imagine this is about anything other than that. Endear the leader to the people and the people respond at the voting booth. 

They can keep their votes. I’d just like to keep my (future) daughter’s sports safe and fair. Is that too much to ask? 



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