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Congress has just announced a $2.3 trillion-dollar stimulus package that will give American families up to $600 a person. Finally, the long-awaited bill has been approved by both Democrats and Republicans. 

Don’t pull out the party hats just yet, folks. Don’t reach for those noise-makers. There are a few concerns with this bill that are raising eyebrows on both sides of the aisle. Social media is abuzz with chatter about the superfluous contents of the bill. President Trump gave a statement earlier this evening to share his disgust with the pork-packed package, which he has threatened to veto unless the dollar amount is raised to $2000 per person. He also wants your representatives to pull the pork before he’s willing to sign. 

Pulled pork. Yum. 

You can’t really blame him. This bill is absolutely loaded with things that have absolutely nothing to do with you or with COVID-19. 

“It’s called the Covid relief bill but it has almost nothing to do with Covid.”
President Donald Trump

While Pelosi and her crew were slow in responding to the needs of American citizens, they’ve been more than generous when it comes to giving our hard-earned tax dollars to other countries. 

Take Pakistan. The 5,593-page stimulus package includes $10 million dollars for “gender programs” in Pakistan. 

Um, okay. 

Granted, women have it harder in Pakistan than almost any place on earth. As per a tweet of explanation from Lindsey Graham, they can’t even open a bank account without their husbands’ say-so. This is a tragedy and it flies in the face of everything we, as Americans, believe. 

That said, I question the timing of this generous offer to “study” the problem in Pakistan. Why is it going to cost me ten million dollars at the very same time my neighbor’s restaurant just went out of business because of COVID-19 lockdowns? Why am I writing a check to a foreign country when my own country is struggling to stay afloat? And why, for the love of all that’s holy, did we load up this pork-stuffed package with so many things that are completely unrelated to COVID-19? Can’t we “study” the problems of other countries at a later date? Please? 

Not that I’m a huge fan of this whole stimulus package, anyway. I’m fundamentally opposed to increasing our dependence on the government, (which is, I believe, their ultimate goal at this point). But I do see the president’s point. If we’re going to do this, let’s do this for America. For Americans. For the right people, the right reason, the right response. And let’s do this in a way that makes sense to the families that have been most impacted. 

Like my neighbor. 

With everything else going on, Trump could have quietly signed this bill and handed $600 checks to Americans. They would have been grateful and happy and never known about the excesses in this bill. But Trump’s got your back. He’s not going to let an overly-stuffed turkey carry his signature because it doesn’t focus on you. So, he has once again risked what people say about him to make sure you’re going to be okay. That’s what he does, even at the risk of the media shredding him. 

It’s time to sit down and write your representative a letter. I suggest you start it with these words:

Dear Senator so-and-so: Have you actually read this bill? Could you please tell me why $500 million dollars will be given to the country of Jordan for a border wall after you’ve spent years fighting our president over his border wall? And would you be so kind as to tell me why the bill focuses on horseracing safety and integrity? Could we please worry about the integrity of our nation’s horses after we deal with the integrity of our nation’s leaders? Yours very sincerely, a taxpayer who prefers not to give his money to foreign entities until his neighbor’s restaurant is open for business.



  1. There is no reason why each spending bill can not be a clear bill one item at a time. That way no one is going to try and sneak things into it. I know that is not the way our supposed representatives and senators like to do things. There is no reason for a spending bill to be 5,000 plus pages. Its time to vote out those that do not support and pass legislation to pass clear spending bills. Its no wonder citizens have no trust in our government leaders.

  2. It is a real disgusting situation when the Socialists (Democrat’s) are so interested in GIVING to any country other than the US. Pelosi and any other Legislator who voted for this disgusting piece of ” legislation shows just how bad our representation in government have become. While I do not support any type of civil disobedience, it is very apparent that we need to clean the congress and thje senate of “representatives” who would cosign or support a huge PORK BARREL peice of crap like this so called Covid 19 relief bill.

  3. Where are these people from. Send my tax dollars to help border security in another country, and what? gender identity? Are they serious? I think they should be labeled trator’s to America. They have defied President Trump the last 4 years to “Put America first” not a billion
    to countries that hate us. How can these treater’s do this to Americans that voted them into the office and make more money that most tax payers will ever see. I would like someone to tell me how much it cost us, JUST FOR ONE MONTH to support Illegal aliens, Just one month.
    God bless America while she still stands proud and free. With this kind of stupidity it wont be very much longer.

  4. It is SOOO SAD that Pelosi can’t get her head out of her ass and do SOMETHING FOR the country instead of for the “ELITE FEW” !!!!!!!!!!!!!! No one with a WORKING BRAIN would rather fund “GENDER STUDIES” in Pakistan than helping OUR people who are going broke because of the covid excuse to shut down OUR economy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. We need to have the names of all those who put all the pork spending in this fake covid 19 relife bill. Any Republican that voted for this garbage needs to be voted out. America and Americans need to be first

  6. Wow! what a bunch of idiots, do the right thing and make sure all of our dollars go to our people our Americans brother and sisters.
    I’m not worried about Pakistan, they can find their own 10M to fund their own their own studies with their own money, dammit.
    Don’t we have enough people in our country that needs this 10M??????


  8. How about posting the names of the supreme idiots that added the pork to the bill. Have these elected politicians lost their minds? They are supposed to take care of American citizens first and foremost and here we have, in writing, approved by the House and Senate, more pork for foreign countries, and pet projects that have nothing to do with the virus relief I blame mostly democrats for this stuff but republicans are complicit. Every one of them disgusts me and are supremely deplorable and do not represent us. Term limits, term limits, term limits.

  9. Not one $ should leave the USA until the USA is again humming along. Congress has forgot they are only servants of the people. They actually think they are kings and queens and we the people are subjects/peasants.

    COMMUNIST PARTY wants to use their TAX DOLLARS to do this it’s alright
    with Me. They are the Ones that think they have a lot of Money let them do IT. Otherwise THEY can Kiss whatever the SUN DOESN’T SHINE !!

  11. We can’t fix how things are in other countries when we are not even fixings them in the U.S.A we should take care of things at home first

  12. This bill is the dumbest, most ridiculous and idiotic thing I have ever seen. This is a full display of the incompetence and fiscal irresponsibility I’ve ever seen. The one thing it surly does is to show how little Nancy and her minions think of the American tax payers. This clan of thugs and thieves should all be voted out.

  13. HELL NO! Help out the American people that lost their business because of your shut down! Give them the money to start all over again!
    This stimulus bill is disgusting!

    • Hi Bob! We only had the “moderation” button on until we had someone who could keep up with all of the comments coming in. Nothing to do with your post, specifically. Welcome to Civil Patriot!

  14. No American is happy with whats in the covi bill it isn’t a covi bill it’s not for American at all. I don’t think Democrats even like this country or the American people every thing is for countries over seas. the house and the Senate do not disserve a pay raise they haven’t done any thing all year. Raise check and every thing about the virus and cancel everything else. and no checks for illegals. They were getting more then Americans

  15. We have many states who have signed on to the Article 5 convention. Check with your state and see where your state stands. We need 2/3 of states to have a convention. Among the firsts items is TERM LIMITS, then I think benefits AFTER they leave office…none…
    Once the convention is done and items voted upon, the Congress must abide by the decisions of the PEOPLE, unless they want to start a revolution or something.


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