Is Cuomo a No-Go?



He seems invincible. Andrew Cuomo said he wouldn’t go. . .and from all appearances, he’s staying put. In fact, he’s holding his head high and (in what would appear arrogant fashion) standing up to the criticism about how he handled New York’s nursing home situation. Oh, and he’s not saying much about those (many) allegations that he sexually harassed multiple women either. 

Made of steel, perhaps? Superman would be proud. 

Epoch Times’ reporter Joshua Philipp shared a full-length video on his April 2nd  Crossroads program, updating the public on the current situation in N.Y. 

In the meantime:

  • NY has instituted a vaccine passport. You can’t travel from place to place without proof of the vaccine or a negative COVID test. The whole country is reeling from this news as several conservative states react by saying they will never move in that direction. 
  • Oh, and NY has also legalized recreational marijuana. Because, hey, when you’re stuck at home, what else is there to do? The most intriguing part of this story is that those who’ve passed this legislation has made themselves out to be heroes by claiming it’s a racial equity move. (Boy, would I love to unpack that story.) 
  • Then there’s the woeful tale of several hundred employees who were let go from a popular hotel in Times Square. They believe they deserve their jobs back when the coronavirus pandemic ends. (Is it ever going to end if Cuomo is in charge?) 
  • Oh, and let’s not forget the story about Cuomo’s proceeds from his recent book deal. The man made $4 million. Four. Million. Dollars. While hundreds of thousands are still out of work, the man is profiting from their pain. 

To learn more about Mayor Bill de Blasio’s response to this news, check out the video below:

One has to wonder if Cuomo is invincible. Things just keep moving forward as if no one died in those nursing homes. Or the group homes (which were also affected). And how did we so quickly forget that the man was accused of sexual harassment by multiple women? Whatever happened to #believeallwomen? 

Maybe he’s secretly a super-hero. That’s what Hollywood made him out to be, after all. 


I suspect he’s something else altogether but it would be ungentlemanly of me to comment further. 


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