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Still not convinced this election was a setup? Are there lingering questions in your mind about whether or not there was a “concerted” effort to bring Trump down? 

Concerted: adjective.

Definition: “concerted action is done by several people or groups working together.” ( 

If you want to take down a sitting president who refuses to bow to the Deep State, here’s how you do it: 

  • Make sure 92% of his media coverage is negative. Check. 
  • Fabricate a foreign scandal to make him look like he’s not really a Patriot. Check. 
  • Have the media spread the story like wildfire, raising more suspicions with each passing day. Check. 
  • Impeach him under false charges. Check. 
  • When the transcripts proving his innocence are released, refuse to cover the story. Check. 
  • Highlight any news stories calling him a racist, misogynist, or xenophobe. Check.
  • Bash his family and attempt to drive down his psyche. Check. 
  • Ignore his wife and/or treat her like she’s a disgrace. Check.
  • Create a panic over a new virus. Check. 
  • Ignore the fact that he took actions against the country responsible for the virus. Check. 
  • Label him dangerous. Check. 
  • Point fingers and say that he’s personally responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people because of his poor management of said virus. Check. 
  • Block him on social media so that his messages cannot get out. Check. 
  • Gaslight your opposition. Make them feel like they’re the ones going crazy. Check. 
  • Ignore any bad actors/rioters on your side. Claim that they’re “mostly peaceful” even when they’re burning down cities. Check. 
  • Find a guy—any guy—to run against him. Check. 
  • Prop up said guy. Check.
  • Have a progressive in the wings to rush in to save the day at a later point. Check. 
  • Create false polls, claiming his opponent has the upper hand. Check. 
  • Refuse to cover his press conferences and/or lash out at him repeatedly if you do cover them. Check.
  • Turn a would-be debate into a personal attack against him. Check. 
  • Lie about his tax return. Make him out to be a thief. Check. 
  • Claim he secretly hates the military. Check.
  • Call his supporters names and/or label them as dangerous. Check.
  • Hide any negative stories about his opponent or his opponent’s family. Check. 
  • Hide all stories about the Walkaway campaign. Check. 
  • Refuse to show the crowds at his rallies. Make it look like he has no support. Check. 
  • Set Internet search engines to favor your guy. Check. 
  • Shadow ban conservatives on social media sites. Check. 
  • Come up with an election plan so devious and well-thought-out that it will be hard to trace. Check. 
  • Narrow your plan to a handful of swing states. Check. 
  • Insist on mail-in ballots, opening the door to additional votes for your guy. Check. 
  • Get all of the media and big tech folks onboard with your plan. Check. 
  • Make sure RINOs are ready to stand with you. Check. 
  • Keep an eye on things as election night progresses. Check. 
  • Push Republican poll watchers as far away from the action as you can. Make them want to leave. Check. 
  • When Trump shocks you with his lead, move to Plan B. Send the poll watchers home, claiming you’re done for the night. Bring in duplicate ballots, hidden ballots, vans of fraudulent ballots, and ballots from dead folks. Check. 
  • Ease your guy into the lead in a way that almost seems plausible. Check. 
  • Claim that your guy won because the mail-in votes pushed him over the top. Check. 
  • Tout your guy as the winner long before the disputes are settled. Check. 
  • Create a narrative that Trump is dangerous because he refuses to admit defeat. Check. 
  • Claim there’s no proof of fraud, even when stories abound. Check. 
  • Refuse to cover testimonies of people who personally witnessed cheating. Check. 
  • Ban all YouTube videos proving fraud. Check. 
  • Cluck your tongue at Patriots and call them sore losers. Check. 
  • Smile and wave as your guy is paraded in front of the media for interview after flattering interview. Check. 
  • Make sure he gives the “Let’s all just get along” speech so that you come across as compassionate and caring. Check. 
  • Continue to ban Trump from social media. Check. 
  • Convince yourself the Deplorables are too blind, dumb, and defeated to fight back. Check.  
  • Give a nod to the gal in the wings who will eventually sit in the Oval Office. Check. 

Still not convinced? Then perhaps you never will be. 



  1. By the end of kamalas’ presidency our beloved country will be no more I know now for certain “our” election “system” is nothing more than a manipulated sham I’m 64years old I almost want to cry why bother to even say any thing else I don’t believe I will ever “vote” again.

  2. Absolutely the many reasons listed for the takedown of President Trump. It is as clear as day. Thank you for the condensed info.
    I hope We the People (the real majority) wont just sit by and let the Democrats and the swamp push us around and destroy this country.
    This has been disgusting, This treasonous and criminal behavior should be pursued. We need some brave prosecutors and Attorney General’s and attorneys to step up.


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