Little Fires Everywhere

Photo courtesy @fjones

Annie Peterson | Civil Patriot

A good friend called me today, concerned about the condition our country is in. She’s very worried about the rapid downward spiral she’s witnessing since Biden took office. I couldn’t help but agree, so we commiserated together. 

Throughout the course of the conversation she touched on many of the shenanigans the liberals are pulling. One thing she said really jumped out at me: “I feel like there are fires everywhere and we’re just spitting into them.”


What a visual, right? 

She’s right, though. Because there are so many little fires burning simultaneously it would hard to know where to turn the fire hose, if one were made available to us. Even if we thought it would make a difference, where would we aim to have the most effect? 

Should we point it toward:

  • The border crisis?
  • Censorship issues?
  • The war between the states and the federal government?
  • Persecution against conservatives?
  • Forced lockdowns and mandates?
  • The ever-changing gender-fluid narrative?
  • The climate change hype?
  • The “you must do as we say” mentality?
  • The way the government is freely spending our money on things that we completely disagree with?
  • The lack of constitutional adherence? 
  • The obvious voter fraud issues that we weren’t supposed to notice or mention? 
  • The dirty tricks played on us daily by the media and politicians on both sides of the aisle? 
  • The false narrative that conservatives are dangerous?
  • The not-so-subtle ways we are losing our freedoms daily? 
  • The way educational institutions are trying to steal our children away from us and force leftist propaganda down their throats? 

There are far too many little fires burning, my friends. And the truth is, none of them are truly little. They are forest fires, blazing out of control. 

Any one of these things would be an issue worth tackling, if only we could figure out how. But here we stand with a fire hose in hand, trying to figure out where to aim it. Which fire do we put out first?

I think I have the answer to that question, actually. If we can put conservatives back in office, we can slowly begin to steer this ship back in the right direction. This process must begin with solid Patriots who believe in freedom of speech, who are not bent on rewriting the constitution, and who believe in the liberties our forefathers fought to preserve. They must be unified, not a RINO in the bunch. 

I don’t know about you, but I refuse to put the fire hose down. I will keep aiming it until every fire has been put out, no matter how long it takes, and no matter how badly singed I get in the process. 

I will not give up, for the sake of my children, grandchildren, and future generations beyond that. They are worth it.

I encourage you to pick up your fire hose, too. Speak up, speak out, take a stand. Do the right thing, even if it’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done. 

If we all work together, perhaps we can saturate this country with common sense once again.



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