Midnight Train to Georgia


Brock Benson | Civil Patriot
Six weeks have passed since the November 3rd election and we now know that potential fraud took place in all six battleground states. We learned the details of those questionable activities earlier this week in Peter Navarro’s election irregularities report. After an intense audit, Navarro, (advisor to President Trump), concluded that all six states had serious anomalies across a wide variety of areas—including everything from mail-in ballot issues to dead people voting. 

No, really. 

Not all states are created equal, though. Some—like Georgia—seem to excel above the rest. So, if we’re handing out gold stars for the most irregular of the irregular, let’s go with the Peach state. 

According to Navarro’s report, the state of Georgia is guilty of all of the following: 

  • Outright Voter Fraud: 
    • Fake Ballot Manufacturing & Destruction of Legal Ballots
    • Ineligible Voters & Voters Who Voted in Multiple States
    • Dead Voters & Ghost Voters
    • Illegal Out of State Voters
  • Ballot Mishandling
    • Signature Match Check Abuses
    • Broken Chain of Custody and Unauthorized Ballot Handling or Movements
  • Contestable Contest Fouls: 
    • Abuses of Poll Watchers and Observers
    • Mail-in and Absentee Ballot Rules Violated Contrary to State Law
    • Voters Not Properly Registered Allowed to Vote
    • Ballots Cured by Poll Workers or Voters Contrary to Law
  • Equal Protection Clause Violations
    • Higher Standards of Certification and ID Verification Applied to In-Person Voters
    • Different Standards of Ballot Curing
    • Differential & Partisan Poll Watcher Treatment
  • Voting Machine Irregularities
    • Inexplicable Vote Switching and Vote Surges in Favor of Biden
  • Significant Statistical Anomalies
    • Significant Changes in Absentee Ballot Rejection Rates from Previous Elections
    • Excessively High Voter Turnout 
    • Unusual Vote Surges

That’s a lot to take in, isn’t it? But it’s what happened in the wee hours of the night on November 3rd that raises the most suspicions of all. 

It started with a water main break in Atlanta. 

Oh, wait. Never mind. There wasn’t a broken water main. That’s just the story we were told. 

Then came the tragic flood. 

Oh, wait. That’s not right, either. There was no flood. There might have been a leaky toilet. 

Regardless, there was an excuse to send folks home. And that’s where the story really picks up. You see, long after the midnight hour, after the workers had gone on their merry way, cases of ballots were pulled out from under a table and counted with no poll watchers in attendance. So, in retrospect, there was a flood—of illegally counted ballots. 

Perhaps the workers didn’t realize they were being video-taped. Surely they couldn’t have known the footage would end up being spread across the Internet. But maybe it’s for the best so that the actions taken after the midnight hour at State Farm Arena in Atlanta could be exposed and brought into question. 

Do nothing secretly; for Time sees and hears all things, and discloses all.

In some ways, the state of Georgia is like that teenage son who got caught drinking and driving. You don’t return the keys to the car until he’s proven he’s learned his lesson. 

Unfortunately, we can’t take the keys away from Georgia. They’ve got run-offs coming up, after all. But we can—like that hyper-vigilant mom and dad—make our presence known so that they never ever repeat that behavior. Not on our watch, anyway.  



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