“Mr. Monsanto” Chosen to Head USDA: Yummy Choice, Joe!

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Annie Peterson | Civil Patriot

I’m not paranoid. No, really. I’m not. So, when I heard the news that Biden had named Tom Vilsack to head the USDA, that didn’t worry me at all. 

Who is Tom Vilsack, you ask?

Tom Vilsack served as secretary of agriculture during the Obama administration and has been a trusted adviser to President-elect Joe Biden.

Yay! A man with experience! Just what we need, right? Here’s a more detailed description of the man of the hour: 

During his eight years under Obama, Tom Vilsack earned the nickname “Mr. Monsanto” for approving more new genetically modified organisms than any Agriculture Secretary in history, and for making gobs of money for every approval. Vilsack brought us cloned farm animals, lab-grown meat and more GMOs than any Agriculture Secretary before or after him.


Now, I don’t know about you, but I hear the word “Monsanto” and it brings such a sense of calm, comfort, and satisfaction. . .

. . .said no American consumer ever. 

But, hey. . .don’t let me persuade you. Here are just a few of the headlines related to this breaking story: 

Biden’s Choice of Vilsack for U.S.D.A. Raises Fears for Small Farmers: Democrats have struggled to win voters in rural America, and critics say the return of Tom Vilsack, a former agriculture secretary, won’t help.
(The New York Times)

Tom Vilsack Is the Wrong Person To Lead the Department of Agriculture: Joe Biden’s choice for agriculture secretary is more of the same.

For Farmers, Biden’s Ag Pick of Tom Vilsack is Deja Vu All Over Again

All that stuff I said above about not being paranoid? Scratch that. The last thing we need, on top of a global pandemic, is lab-grown meat. 

I don’t know about you, but I’m suddenly feeling a little nauseous. 

Putting my obvious concerns about petri-dish meat aside, can we just focus for a moment on the fact that Biden brings nothing fresh or new to the table, even when it comes to the food we eat? It’s the same old stale beef from the Obama Administration, and will leave the country (and farmers) with the same gnawing ache in their bellies.  

Oh, but don’t worry—Joe’s surely got another government-mandated healthcare system to fix you right up when that lab-grown meat sours your stomach. 

Gotta love these Democrats. They have a plan for everything. 



  1. I may have to switch to poaching to fill my freezer with real fish and meat. During the Great Depression, my predecessors in Wisconsin fed their families with venison, fish, and fowl all year long. They drove modified vehicles similar to those used by bootleggers during Prohibition. The government acted like the King’s gamekeepers of old, and it became a deadly game of cat & mouse. Under a Leftist government we are at war in a survivalist realm.


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