My Heart Will Go On

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Annie Peterson | Civil Patriot

You know that horrible sinking feeling you got as a kid whenever you found out your best friend was moving to another state? Or maybe you experienced that sense of loss as an adult, when the person you loved ended up going another direction. 

I got that feeling when the news broke about the Supreme Court rejecting the Texas case. That “stomach hits the toes” feeling swept over me and—just for a moment—I felt pretty hopeless. In fact, I almost gave in to despair. I even considered a move to different country.
Just kidding.
Not kidding. 

Would this mean the end of the journey for Trump and his followers? Had all of our hard work been in vain? Had we really come this far, only to be cheated out of a victory and the opportunity to keep fighting for the land of the free and the home of the brave? 

I’ve had some time to think it over now and I’ve calmed down a bit. Not much, but a little. My pulse rate isn’t as high and my breathing has steadied. . .some.  

This is, I must confess, the first time I’ve allowed myself to ponder what our new reality will look like if Biden ends up in the Oval Office. I have to swallow hard to type those words, but once I see them on the written page, I realize the sun will still come up each morning and opportunities will still present themselves for Patriots to shine. 

There are still so many things I can do to ensure freedom for myself, my children, and my grandchildren. So, I will choose to focus on those tasks and hope you will do the same. 

First, I’m still standing for Trump and for all-things-Trump, no matter what. By that, I mean that I will continue to believe in a conservative approach to politics, to economics, to social issues, and to the America First movement. . .no matter who sits in the Oval Office. I like to say I’m so conservative that I squeak when I walk. (That’s not far from the truth, especially as these old joints of mine age.) 

Second, if the worst-case scenario happens, I’ll be the first in line to lead the charge against globalism. I’ll fight the good fight and continue to stand strong for what I believe in. I’ll keep sharing my opinions, I’ll keep voting for men and women who have a conservative slant, and I’ll never give up hope that this country can be whole and sound once more, no matter what policies are thrown our way and no matter how deeply censored I am. 

Third, I will link arms with fellow Patriots and look for brighter days. I won’t give in to despair. I won’t allow hopelessness to cause me to give up the fight. I’ve always been a “glass half full” kind of gal and that will never change, though I might have to pinch my nose and squeeze my eyes shut for four years, if a certain VP candidate ends up sitting in the Oval Office. 

Finally, I’ll pray for my nation. I’ll do it openly, publicly, and well within the hearing of the opposition. And if they tell me I’m not allowed to proclaim my faith in front of the masses, I’ll shout it even louder. They’ll be hard pressed to shut this gal up. 

There’s an old hymn that says, “Many things about tomorrow I don’t seem to understand. But I know who holds the future, and I know who holds my hand.” (I Know Who Holds Tomorrow/Bill Gaither)

I don’t know where we’ll be in a few months. With the craziness of this election still swirling around us, I’m not even sure where we’ll be in a few days. . .or a few hours. But I’m going to be fine, regardless, and so will you.
I promise. 

Be encouraged by those words. Our journey along the Patriot highway won’t end, no matter what. Our strategies might shift, but the fight will rage on. And if there’s one thing I know for sure—battles always call for warriors, and warriors have always got to be ready. 

The only thing that makes battle psychologically tolerable is the brotherhood among soldiers. You need each other to get by.
Sebastian Junger




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