My Hero of the Week: Jim Jordan


D.J. Neeley | Civil Patriot

In a week that has been riddled with real-life tragedies and political shenanigans a’plenty, I’m happy to report there are a handful of solid conservatives giving me hope. Near the top of my list: Rep. Jim Jordan, (R-Ohio). 

On the 11th of January, (just a few days back), Trump awarded Jordan the Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor.

A statement from the White House reads: 

“Jordan, who has served the people of Ohio’s 4th Congressional District for 14 years, helped uncover the gun-running program known as “Fast and Furious,” which sent AK-47s to Mexican drug cartels during the Obama administration. Jordan’s other work includes identifying millions of dollars in wasteful spending, unearthing the systemic targeting of conservative organizations by the IRS, and figuring out the truth behind the “Russia hoax,” or the debunked theory that Trump and his campaign colluded with Russia. He is an inspiration to freedom-loving Americans everywhere and has distinguished himself as one of the most consequential members of Congress of his generation.” 

I would agree with all of that, of course, but I’ve moved Jordan to the top of my “Most Respected” list this week because of his courage in the face of the political shenanigans. Instead of cowering and linking arms with Democrats (as ten Republicans did earlier today by voting to impeach President Trump) Jordan has bravely spoken truth at every available opportunity. 

Here are just a few of his most recent statements: 

Related to potential election fraud (prior to the Jan. 6th vote), he bravely said: We should do our duty because we know five states, five key states that were critical in this election changed election law in an unconstitutional fashion.”

Regarding the electoral challenge: “Guess who the first objector was on January 6, 2017? The first objector was the Democratic chairman of the Rules Committee. They can object to Alabama in 2017 but tell us we can’t object to Pennsylvania in 2021. Americans are tired of the double standard. They are so tired of it. Democrats objected to more states in 2017 than Republicans did last week, but somehow we’re wrong.”

Regarding Liz Cheney (who voted to impeach Trump), Jordan said: “I think she’s totally wrong. We ought to have a second vote.”

Regarding cancel culture: “The Cancel Culture Is Going to Come For Us All Unless Stopped.”

During the (second) impeachment vote in the House: “Republicans have been consistent. We have condemned all the violence all the time. We condemned it last summer. We condemned it last week. We should be focused on bringing the nation together. Instead, Democrats are going to impeach the President for a second time one week. . .one week before he leaves office. Why? Politics and the fact that they want to cancel the President.” (He went on to list all of the president’s accomplishments over the past four years.) 

Perhaps one of my favorite Jim Jordan quotes: “Here’s the thing Washington always misses. Washington always wants a deal. America wants a solution. Americans sent us here to solve problems.” 

We did, Jim. We did. And you’re one of the few who’s actually doing what we sent you to do. If I could shake your hand today, I would. 

Friends, Jim Jordan has a proven track record and is one of the good guys. I predict he’ll be around for years to come. If I lived in Ohio he’d have my vote. 

To thank Jordan for his service, click here




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