New Variant of COVID-19 Discovered in Colorado

Photo courtesy @GovofCO

Brock Benson | Civil Patriot

Governor Jared Polis of Colorado released this announcement mid-afternoon on December 29th: 

“Today we discovered Colorado’s first case of the COVID-19 variant B.1.1.7, the same variant discovered in the UK. The health and safety of Coloradans is our top priority and we will monitor this case, as well as all COVID-19 indicators, very closely.”

As per his statement, the patient (a male in his 20s) is recovering in isolation, where he will remain until cleared. No close contacts have been identified so far. 

We reached out to several readers to get their initial reaction to the news about the new variant. Here are a few of their responses: 

“Well, crap.” (J. Hanna)

“I suggest people take lots of Vitamin C, D and zinc.” (Karen F.)

“That’s their insurance policy. The Deep State wants an indefinite pandemic to keep people controlled while they take over our country and remove our constitutional rights.” (Linda K.)

“#fakenews. I remember when lockdowns began, some people were saying that COVID was basically just a trial run and that there would be worse pandemics in the future. I don’t know what to think but the timing is just too ‘perfect’” (R. Lyn)

“So, why get a vaccine?” (D. Woody)

“I’m starting to hear from a lot of friends that are sick with COVID. So far, no one is deathly ill, but it seems to be going through the population faster. It makes me feel like a sitting duck. Some have been isolating for months, others are out more. It’s weird because it doesn’t seem to matter if you stay home or go out?” (J. Wagner)

I think it’s all conspiracy. I’m so sick of all this!” (Linda H.)

“I suspect they will use this to further strip away our rights.” (Annie P.) 

“We are very concerned that it could cause more lockdowns and more government intrusions into our lives.” (A. H.)

“New boss: same as the old boss. The old one didn’t kill enough people so let’s have more people get it and see if the results are better. If this weren’t COVID, nobody would care about a cold with a 99% survival rate. Maybe if we claim it’s more contagious, more people will submit to the vaccine. Scared people make pharma big bucks.” (Sara R.)

“The china virus squared should make George Soros smile! Or maybe even Bill Gates! Will this cause everything to be shutdown twice as long as the original china virus? Or will it just cause your hair to turn green?” (B. White)

No doubt this new strain of COVID-19 is troubling, but equally as troubling is the narrative that will surely arise, insisting we double-down on our efforts to immobilize the country. Is that the ultimate goal here, to keep us locked in fear until we do whatever we’re told? Or are we better off hunkering down until this new strain spreads as fast as the “old” one and we develop herd immunity? 

And what about the question raised by D. Woody: Do the current vaccines cover this new variant? If not, would trials for an updated vaccine have to start from scratch? 

And what about the variant after that?

And the one after that? 

Will we crouch in fear with each new announcement? 

Lots to think about as we roll into a new year, folks. But don’t let fear of the unknown rob you of a joyous goodbye to all that was 2020. 



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