No Fluff: Big Box Stores Challenge Mike Lindell to a Pillow Fight

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D.J. Neeley | Civil Patriot

“Remember that kid Mikey, from the old cereal commercial?
He grew up and became Mike Lindell.”
(Online youtube comment)

I have a great memory from my childhood: Pillow fights. 

You remember them, right? You’d grab a pillow. Your kid brother would grab a pillow. And you would go after each other until someone either knocked over your mother’s favorite lamp, accidentally elbowed his opponent in the eye, or you busted one of those pillows wide open, leaving white fluff all over the room. Mom would usually intervene at that point and bring the fun to an end. You’d spend the next fifteen minutes picking up fluff. 

By now you’ve probably heard the news that Mike Lindell (owner of was banished from the Big Box stores for throwing his support behind our President, (and for believing there were irregularities in the Presidential election).  

As soon as I heard, I did a little pillow shopping. I skipped the local stores and went straight to the source, to to buy a couple new pillows for my bed. I’ve been needing them anyway, but once I heard the news, I decided I’d waited long enough. Today was the day! 

As luck would have it, the pillows I wanted were on sale. (Score!) I threw in an order of sheets after a friend told me they were the best ever. 

Then I texted a conservative friend.
Then another.
Then another.
I gave them direct links to the site, along with a passionate discourse about why they needed to buy pillows, too. 

Cancel culture stinks! 

These liberals are always jabbing at us and we often let it get to us. But I’ve learned how to jab right back! I’ve discovered that liberals are vulnerable in one key area: their pocketbooks. 

With that in mind, let’s do the one thing that makes the most sense: Challenge them to a grown-up version of a pillow fight. Minus the broken lamp and fluff.   

Let’s fight according to new rules: 

  • Skip the Big Box stores and shop at
  • While you’re there, get a couple of extras for your parents or kids. 
  • Buy some sheets. Or a mattress topper. Whatever sounds good. 
  • Text all of your Patriot friends, encouraging them to do likewise. 
  • Keep the news going, and going, and going.  

Oh, and while you’re already on a roll, why not: 

  • Drop that Twitter stock. 
  • Step away from Facebook. 
  • Don’t let The Left intimidate you! 

Mikey’s not the only one who’s been forced to grow up during Trump’s Presidency. We all have. But we’re learning. We’re growing. We’re getting savvier. And we’re figuring out just what to do. . .and what not to do. 

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your credit card and head to to challenge the liberals to a pillow fight!



  1. While you are shopping “my pillow” don’t forget to stock up on Goya foods the next time you are in the grocery store. And skip ritz-oreo, and pepsi. Two can play these games!!!!!!!


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