1. OMG!!!! Actually brought tears to my eyes!!! All those people–all that support and energy! Biden could never EVER gain that kind of ‘love’!!! We can’t let them and ‘us’ down!! We can’t let ‘Lucifer’ win!!!! Biden will NEVER be ‘my’ president! NEVER!!!

  2. WOW!!!!!!
    This is wonderful…gave my husband and I goose bumps! President Trump is the most wonderful President ever. He is God-ordained…He put him in place and does not want him to be taken out. We must all fall to our knees and pray! We cannot have biden in…he will destroy our country and the world! Continue that the Lord turns this whole thing around and makes it right for America!!!!

  3. If someone gets 10 million more votes than they did in the last election how in the world do they lose the election!!! I am just saying, makes you wonder.

  4. This video shows just how many Americans were cheering for President Trump as well as even in other countries people were celebrating and cheering for President Trump. So you tell me again was this election really for Joe Biden??? Or was this election rigged against President Trump? Because when we see the comparison between Joe Biden’s rallies and the rallies for President Trump there is one hell of a big difference when it comes to the size of the crowds. Right! This video proves it.

  5. It is sad that such a forceful president we just had has to be replaced with a weak one.
    President Trump is a power to behold and he had his many fans and followers who felt the
    same way. I can’t imagine how the next four years will be without him. What bothers me
    most is the interference we will have with China under this administration and the policies
    of leaning toward socialism.


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