Re-Threading the Needle

Photo courtesy @thomaswolter
By Annie Peterson, Editor | Civil Patriot
The seamstresses among us know the woes of threading a sewing machine. Different machines call for different processes but the idea is the same—you start at the top with a fresh spoon of thread, weave it through the various obstacles along the course, then arrive at the eye of the needle. Once there, your task—should you choose to accept it—is to somehow get that wobbly, fuzzy piece of thread through that teensy-tiny eye so that you can begin the process of sewing your garment. It takes a skilled eye and steady nerves to get the job done. 
Every now and again, the inevitable happens. You’re in the middle of sewing a garment and the thread breaks. You have to start all over again, run the obstacle course, and then re-thread the needle. If you’re working with finicky fabric or overly fine thread, the risks are even greater. The thread could snap with very little provocation. 
What does this have to do with our current situation in America? 
For the past four years, Donald Trump has kept our proverbial sewing machine threaded and running well. He’s added some lovely stitches to the garment—great jobs, a strong economy, peace in the Middle East, stronger borders. All of these, and so much more. 
Just about the time the seams of the garment are finally coming together, the opposition cuts the thread, forcing Trump to begin the arduous process of rethreading the machine. 
Russian collusion: Clip.
“Trump hates the military.” Clip.
COVID accusations: Clip.
Election fraud. Clip-clip-clip.
Trump wants to be working. He needs to be working. But he’s so busy re-threading the needle, time and time again, that the work is hard to keep up with. Not that our president can be stopped. He’s a machine, after all. Even his opponents see that and shiver in their boots. In the middle of it all he’s pulling together peace agreements, adding to the border wall, and promoting an economy that will benefit the middle class. He wants to keep going. He hates the interruptions even more than we do. 
Here’s the thing about Democrats, though: They don’t mind distractions at all. In fact, distractions serve their purpose. When they take office, they use a completely different spool of thread—as if to say, “I have no respect for the hard work you’ve already accomplished.” They don’t care how beautifully stitched the garment of America is. They just want to reshape it completely, morphing it into their own twisted government-controlled, all-things-mandated image. And they are perfectly willing to destroy everything Trump has done to accomplish that. 
This is not the time for re-threading. We need the consistency of a Trump presidency and a Republican leadership in Congress so that the constitutional “garment” can continue to thrive. 
Enough with the distractions.
Enough with the lies.
Enough with the incessant need to recreate everything. 
Consider the words of Thomas Jefferson: “The republican is the only form of government which is not eternally at open or secret war with the rights of mankind.”
A Constitutional Republic was good enough for our forefathers and it’s good enough for us, too. It, after all, was established to protect us, its citizens. If we want to keep this beautiful garment looking its best, we’ll have to fight for every stitch that goes in it, no matter how many times we’re forced to re-thread the needle. 


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