Rep Marjorie Green Booted from Twitter for Posting Easter Message


You know things are getting bad when Twitter gives you the boot for posting a Bible verse. But, somehow it seems even worse when it happens on Easter Sunday. 

Rep Marjorie Green got her hand slapped by the Big Tech company. . .again. And they chose a very holy day to behave in unholy behavior.  

Now, to be fair—Twitter has had Rep Green on hand-slap mode for some time now. To say they don’t care for her would be the understatement of the century. She’s been accused of being a conspiracy theorist by folks on The Left. Marjorie has been a strong supporter of President Trump and believes (as many of us do) that the election was stolen from him. Because she has voiced this on social media, she’s been booted. 

But this time? She wasn’t talking about election fraud, folks. She wasn’t speaking in opposition to the current COVID narrative, either. (Both subjects are taboo on Twitter and will get you kicked to the curb.)  

The woman was simply leaving a Christian message on the holiest day of the year. 

Check it out: 

(SOURCE: Twitter)

How inflammatory! How right-winged! How conspiracy-like! 

How. . .none of the above. It’s just a simple, normal post that any Christian would put up on Easter Sunday. In fact, it’s one that many others probably did put up on Easter Sunday with zero consequences. Only, in Rep Green’s case, she was slapped down in a hurry. 

Not long after she posted the upbeat message, Twitter put this in its place: 

“We have determined that you have violated the Twitter rules, so we’ve temporarily limited some of your account features.”


(I interrupt this message to let you know that I still have friends who insist that conservatives and Christians aren’t being targeted by Big Tech, that we’re only imagining it.) 

The fine folks at Twitter-dom eventually admitted that they had removed the post in error. Marjorie had broken no rules. They even put it back up. But why did this happen in the first place? 

Was it Green’s politics that made her religious views suspect or the other way around? For many of us, the two are intricately linked, after all. It would be good to know. 

Maybe we’ll never figure it out, but one thing we do know for sure—they’re watching every single post and pulling down whatever they disagree with. That, my friends, should be enough to send you running in the opposite direction, and not just on Easter Sunday. 


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