Stand by Your Man on January 6th

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Annie Peterson | Civil Patriot

Today I had lunch with a good friend, a fellow conservative. When I brought up the subject of Congress meeting in D.C. on January 6th, (which happens to be my birthday), she asked, “Are you going to be there?” 

I responded with a hearty, “I wish!” 

This led to a lengthy conversation about a story I’d read online earlier today. Apparently, there’s a hotel in D.C. that’s closing their doors to guests in the days wrapping the 6th

Like that’s not obvious. 

This, of course, raised the question: “Why?” Why shut down a hotel and completely refuse service to guests? 

  • Because you hate Trump supporters? 
  • Because your insurance company advised you to do so, thinking there might be riots after the big vote? 
  • Because you’re trying to make a statement to conservatives that they’re no longer welcome in D.C.? 
  • Because you’re getting some sort of kickback from the Democrats for services rendered? 

I don’t know about you, but this whole thing reeks of censorship, from Point A to Point Z. 

  • We were censored by Big Tech in the weeks leading up the election. 
  • Trump was censored by the Mainstream Media, who refused to cover the crowds at his rallies. 
  • We were censored by the machines on the day of the election. 
  • Republican Poll Waters were censored by Democrats as votes were being counted. 
  • We’ve been censored by the courts every day since the fraud stories began to break. 
  • We’ve been censored by governors and state/county officials who seem blinded to the truth. 
  • Big Tech censors us if we even raise the question of the presence of fraud. 
  • We’ve been censored by so-called Fact-Checkers, who are all tilting to the left.
  • Now we’re even being censored by lily-livered RINOs in the House and the Senate. 
  • And to top it all off, solid conservatives—Trump supporters, no less—are falling by the wayside, unwilling to stand for fear they will be:
    • a). disappointed 
    • b). put to shame
    • c). publicly flogged 

Which raises my next question: Are you going to stand with your man? In the days between now and January 6th, will you (like so many) give up on the process, or will you (like a faithful few in my neck of the woods) hang on till the bitter end? 

The pastor of my Pentecostal church loves to quote a familiar verse: “Having done all, to stand.” Loosely interpreted it means: “When you’ve done everything you can think to do and nothing is going your way, don’t you dare give up! You keep standing! Keep the faith!”

On January 6th Congress will meet in a joint session to count the electoral votes. In my humble opinion, the illegally-acquired electoral votes. 

Votes that were garnered in the wee hours of the night through: 

  • Software manipulation
  • Vote flipping
  • Foreign interference
  • Dead people voting
  • Rigged mail-In ballots
  • Date discrepancies
  • Ballot harvesting
  • Signature issues
  • Out-of-state voters
  • Unregistered voters
  • Illegal immigrant voters
  • Fraudulent ballots
  • Duplicate ballots
  • Suitcases of ballots found under tables

(Other than that, there’s no reason to think anything went wrong!) 

Votes that you and I will never truly believe came legitimately for a man who couldn’t run this country if his life—or ours—depended on it. 

On January 6th VP Mike Pence will preside over the count and declare who has been elected. And we have no idea what will happen next. In many ways it’s like we’ve all been sucked into an episode of “As the World Turns” and we’re reaching the cliff-hanger moment at the end of one episode before having access to the next. 

  • Will our elected officials step up on that big day? 
  • Will they stand by their man? 
  • Will the faithful few risk their reputations (and possibly their jobs) by objecting?
  • Will a debate ensue? 
  • Who will win said debate?
  • Will Pence refuse to accept the outcome? 
  • Will those we’ve come to know and trust fail us with their cowardice?

(I can almost picture my pastor waggling his finger in the air, scolding the cowards for their lack of faith.)

When the Senate and House meet in the Hall of the House of Representatives at 1:00 o’clock on January 6th, any number of things could happen. Outside, multiplied thousands will voice their support of Donald Trump. But, inside? 

Well, that remains to be seen. 

One thing is for sure: I’ve chosen to stand by my man, no matter what. And I’m just patriotic enough to ask you to stand with me. 

Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand.
Ephesians 6:13 NIV



  1. Way to go girl! I couldn’t have said it better. We all need to be praying for COURAGE to stand up for what is right. Our country has returned to the same place in history where it is time to say, “Give me liberty or give me death!”

  2. I stand by President Trump
    This President has Stood For Us
    He has been treated so bad by media with unsubstantiated and made up lies about Russia and other situations. The Democrats have knowingly led by Hillary Clinton and the DNC money to make up LIES

  3. Very well said , i THINK WE ALL SHOULD PRAY THE Our FATHER AT THE RALLY ALL AT THE SAME TIME . PLEASE PASS This Idea on . Thank You, Kurt Uhlenhake

  4. Pence should NOT accept the electoral college results. Can he declare a fraudulent election and have a new election take place on the first Tuesday of February? That would allow for time to prepare polling places. Make voter I D mandatory, no mail in voting unless you are military.

  5. God also tells us to be still or quiet. When we are quiet it means we are finally listening to His voice and not our internal thoughts, that we’re not trying to figure this stuff out in our own limited thinking and we’re turning to Him for true guidance. MAGA 2021 @ President Donald J. Trump the TRUE President of America!!!

  6. I would love to be there but I’m 83 years old and not able to attend, believe me if I was 20 years younger (knowing the person I was) I would be there if I had to sleep in a tent!

    I will be there via my TV and my prayers will be with everyone.

  7. I wish I could be there too, I will stand with him always, he’s done so much for the American citizen like us that work hard and for years have trusted DC.
    The election in the 6 state was not legitimate.
    Therefore they should be thrown out. We Americans have been cheated and I am sit of it from the career politicians. The republicans that don’t stand for what is right are in this with the liberals. We have been betrayed it has to end.
    I will always stand with my God Jesus Christ in my unwavering faith in him and his promise.
    I also stand with Trump he is our next President. I will be praying again as I have everyday since the election, for the sake of freedom of religion and the righteousness of our forefathers vision stand for America and its citizens. I never knew war but if I had to I would to protect what is right.
    God bless us and America.


  9. I’m so proud of Senator Josh Hawley for standing by our man! Wish more Republicans had the same courage as he! This meeting on January 6th will be our last chance to vindicate our president, who was the REAL winner of the 2020 presidential election! May God forgive those who sank so low to win the election by such blatant cheating. Everyone KNOWS Joe Biden didn’t really win and even demented Joe himself, KNOWS he didn’t win! Most importantly, God knows he didn’t win and He will judge America accordingly.

  10. May god have mercy for the Democratic Party.
    Well researched and written. Bless all that you do for patriotic Americans. Stand strong and United.

  11. I love the scripture that you have chosen. I truly believe God has chosen Trump. If we have (and we will) hard times ahead, the “other two” will not be able to handle it. Trump has shown that he not only can handle rough situations, but make a success of the situation.

  12. St Joseph chase the devil in to hell and lock the door so he can’t come out anymore. The devil is living in the demos St Joseph PRAY for us and our country

  13. Lindsey Graham should have anotherKavanaugh moment. He should make sure that everyone in Congress votes with Trump. Don’t they realize what’s going to happen? The Democrats always stick together like a pack of wolves and that’s how they win. The election was most definitely stolen. He should stick up for all the Republicans who voted for President Trump and save our country. The Republicans are spineless both in Congress and the Senate. I’m so proud of the six senators that are standing up for our president. Every congressman and senator should stand behind our president and the Republican Party , They all lied to all of the Republicans that voted for them and our president. They are leading our country down and it is so sad to watch. But the other doubt the Democrats cheated, the tech companies, The media and all the dead people who voted. I know there is misspellings in this because I am talking on the microphone because I only have the use of one arm at this time. I am begging and begging and begging our Republican congressman and Senators to stand up and vote for President Trump. The Democrats are going to destroy our country!

  14. I pray for him and I stand by him. President Donald John Trump is the best president in my lifetime and I am 73 years old. I am thoroughly displeased how he has been treated by the media, the leftists, and all those who are totally brainless in this society. He has done every good thing for the American people as a president and shows how he loves our country and it’s people. It’s a shame but it could have been so much better without the uncalled for hatred and disruption and none working with him by even some of his own party (traitors one from PA and one from Utah to point out two). Oh, and he did win the second term and it was nefariously and planned ahead of time to steal it from him. No doubt about it.
    He is the President of the US again. Biden is just an usurper and cheat and can’t hold a torch to President Trump. Biden is a criminal too and unworthy to be president.

    This is what I believe and I’m sticking to it!


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