The Great and Powerful Oz. . .Isn’t

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Scarlet Lindsey | Civil Patriot

There’s a fascinating scene in The Wizard of Oz that always intrigues me. Dorothy and her friends have finally arrived back in Oz after liquidizing the Wicked Witch of the West. They’re about to come face-to-face with “The Great and Powerful Oz” for the second (and hopefully final) time. All of this with one goal in mind—to get Dorothy back home with those she loves. 

They’re nervous, of course. Anyone would be. The wizard is, as his name implies, powerful. Dorothy is still hoping he will channel some of that power to get her back home to Kansas, where she’s hoping to stay put. That’s why she’s worked so hard to do everything the Wizard demanded of her, with the end goal of “home” in mind. 

Once in his presence, Dorothy squares her shoulders and braces herself for the inevitable. The witch’s broomstick is firmly clutched in her hand. Oz begins to speak in that big, booming voice of his and little Dorothy’s knees knock. Her voice quivers as she shares the news that they’ve been successful in their attempts to bring him what he asked for.  The wizard is bound to be thrilled with her willingness to obey his original request, right? 

To Dorothy’s surprise, instead of granting her request to return to Kansas, Oz dismisses her and says, “Come back tomorrow.” 

Tomorrow? After all she’s done to please him? Really? 

Then, something rather odd happens. Little Toto, Dorothy’s pup, follows his nose to a corner of the room and discovers a small man behind a curtain—perpetrating “The Great and Powerful Oz.” 

Turns out he’s not a wizard at all. He’s just a tiny man with a nose for power and corruption. The whole thing was an illusion, a plot to force Dorothy into submission. 

We’ve had a great many Oz-like characters in D.C. over our lifetime, haven’t we? They’ve asked a l-o-t of us. We’ve jumped through many ridiculous hoops in an attempt to satisfy their need for power, all in the hopes that we could take this country back home again. Like Dorothy, we want to return to our roots—the place we came from. The Constitution. And, we’ve counted on these rulers to take us there. 

But, if we’re being honest with ourselves, we have to admit that most of them were just small men with grandiose egos. They talked a big game. They puffed themselves up to be powerful, all-the-while saying they cared about the things we cared about. But not many really carried the same passion that burned within our breasts. 

Until Trump.
He never claimed to be powerful.
He never claimed to be an insider.
He simply said, “I’m an outsider, not your typical guy.”
He didn’t hide the real man behind a curtain. 

He stood in front of us, flaws exposed, and said, “Hey, you’ll never have to guess who I really am.”

More than all of that, he’s been fighting alongside us to take our country back home again, to return the rights and privileges our forefathers fought to protect. 

And he’s still fighting today. A man like that, one who puts himself out there for the people, is someone you can throw your support behind. 

There are still witches to overthrow, of course. They’re humming their merry tunes as they try to capture our hearts. But we’re on to them. We’re staying out of their evil forest and sticking with the man in front of the curtain. 

Hint: If someone has to use the disclaimer, “great and powerful” . . .he’s probably not. 



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