The mission? Silence the President of the United States


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Washington, DC — For four years, the left has had one single mission: to do everything in their power to silence President Donald Trump. The methods have come in several different forms, but it continues to get worse with each day. The mainstream media hates the man, and the Democrats want him eliminated at all costs.

The latest effort involves the “non-partisan” Commission on Presidential Debates, who wants to see changes after Tuesday’s chaotic “debate.” I am the first one to admit; this was far from a debate. I think I even referred to it as two kids arguing in the sandbox over some toys.

The debate was ugly, and neither candidate helped themselves. Trump was overly aggressive, most likely scaring off any voters that were undecided and trying to see if he could be civil. Biden looked absolutely lost, losing his train of thought and showing easy frustration in dealing with President Trump.

The Commission announced that changes were coming to help maintain the structure. Biden complained about the interrupting by Trump, but Trump was quick to note similar interruptions by Biden. Many times, moderator Chris Wallace had to step in and save Biden from the Trump attacks.

One of the proposed measures to address this was the potential of the moderator to cut off a candidate’s microphone. The Commission says the changes are not due to complaints by any campaign, but the only campaign complaining was the Biden campaign. In essence, they are attempting to silence the President at the debates.

What else would we expect from the mainstream media? They are the driving force behind these changes. They are the campaign for Joe Biden, and they have done everything in their power to attack President Trump for defending himself and pointing out Biden’s corruption.

The mainstream media has refused to cover President Trump’s events, interrupted to argue Democrat’s talking points, even peddling the fake Russia hoax for years. They do not want the nation to hear from President Trump, whether he tells the truth or not. They simply want to silence him at all costs.

Now, they believe they can force him into silence in the debates. I am not convinced that will work in their favor. If you watched the debates, you saw how many times Biden confused his numbers, lost his train of thought, and seemed to struggle without a teleprompter.

They were quick to run articles claiming that Biden did not wear a wire at the debate as well. All over the internet on Wednesday, you could find articles sharing, “Biden was not wearing a wire.” You are just to simply and blindly believe that since Biden would not agree to a pre-debate inspection as requested by Trump.

I agree; the debate was ugly. One thing that should clearly stand out though, is that Biden could have easily stood up for himself. Instead, he backed down constantly, allowing the moderator to take up his fight. It prompted the President to say he was debating Chris Wallace instead of Biden.

The media has no other choice than to try to silence President Trump. They realize the race for President is much closer than the polls were showing. They realize the enthusiasm Trump has from his hardcore supporters. How can they reach those critical independents and undecided voters?

It is to continue to try to silence President Trump. They failed in the Russia hoax. They failed with the sham impeachment inquiry. They have partnered with social media companies to block and label his statements.

Now, they had hoped Biden could hold it together in the debates, but he was not able to. Instead, they are forced to intervene. They are forced to work with the Commission on Presidential Debates to try to silence President Trump. Trump has proven that he will do whatever it takes to say his talking points.

Was it pretty? Absolutely not. Was it effective? That depends on who you ask. The mainstream media will tell you that Biden easily won the debate. If you consider winning the failure to make a major mistake, that is probably true.

Many conservatives believe that Trump won the debate because he dominated the message and had pointed attacks all night against Biden. If you wanted personal attacks, then he absolutely won.

I don’t think that the debate was effective at all in helping one or the other to win the election. There was not a telling point in this debate that makes a big change. The only thing that will change is how much they go after Trump to continue to silence him.

I expect that they will move to either turn off microphones, or perhaps Biden just refuses to attend another debate. That’s what many in the mainstream media are pushing for. If they cannot beat him on the debate stage, why join the stage at all. It’s just another way they can silence Trump from speaking to the American public.

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The debate that was not a debate at all

The first of three scheduled Presidential debates happened on Tuesday night, and it did not disappoint. We expected some fiery exchanges, deeply personal attacks, but there were a few surprises.  President Trump came out swinging immediately in the debate. He did not give anyone time to settle in, and it caught both Joe Biden and moderator Chris Wallace off guard.

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