The Modern Communist Agenda

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Brock Benson | Civil Patriot

“America is at risk of becoming a Communist nation.” 

If someone had spoken those words to me even a few years ago I would have looked at them like they were crazy. But, the more I watch the goings-on around me, the more convinced I am that there’s been an agenda to push us in that direction and it’s been going on most of my lifetime. I’ve just been too blind to see it.  

So, what does a Communist takeover look like? What does the playbook, (The Communist Manifesto) suggest for the overtaking of a people? 

  • Turn citizens against each other. 
    • Black against white. 
    • Women against men. 
    • Children against parents. 
    • Secular society against Christian. 
    • Liberal against Conservative. 
    • Straight against gay. 
    • Immigrant against citizen. 
    • Anyone against Anyone, basically.
      • “We’re not alert and not awake with what’s happening.” – Dr. Hormoz Shariat
  • Break down the nuclear family. 
    • Make mothers discontent.
    • Pull fathers away from their children. 
    • Normalize anything that flies in the face of a “traditional” family unit.
    • Discourage unity and togetherness. 
    • Grab hold of the children while they are young and. . .
  • Control education. 
    • Create indoctrination centers to develop and control the beliefs of the children. Turn them against their parents and grandparents. Teach them collectivist thinking. Fine tune and further develop the indoctrination at the college level so that the taught can become the teacher. 
      • “I want tell you something. I’m a professor at this college. I am a Communist. And we will win because we’re taking all your children.” – College professor in Minnesota
  • Take control of the media. 
    • Create a narrative and push it. 
    • Gaslight anything that goes against the narrative. 
  • Take control of culture/entertainment industries. 
    • Propagandize and normalize violence, pornography, broken families, anything that contradicts what was once considered good or normal.
  • Abolish nations and borders. 
    • Push a one-world government agenda.
  • Create a central bank. 
    • i.e. Federal Reserve
  • Demoralize and destabilize the people. 
    • Do everything you can to bring down the morale. 
  • Eliminate religion. 
    • Turn people against God and ultimately against each other. 
  • Create a crisis. Always. 
    • Then create a government-instituted solution to said crisis. Always. 
      • “Their theories are designed to scare the people to believe there’s a crisis where there is not a crisis at all. There is no crisis.” – Brian Sussman

According to the Communist rulebook, the individual must be sacrificed for the state. If only the Democrats could see that that is the ultimate aim/goal of their party. I truly believe their eyes would be opened. 

Recently a good friend suggested I watch a documentary: Agenda: Grinding America Down. This compelling program further solidified my suspicions that we’re not just looking at a Democratic Socialist future, the ultimate goal is to shove America completely over into the Communist camp. I decided to follow up my viewing with the sequel: Agenda 2: Masters of Deceit. Here are a few quotes from that second movie: 

  • “When people are afraid, they ask the government to do more, not less.” – David McIlvany
  • “I think we are losing more and more freedom because we are afraid.” – Benjamin Pinkavich
  • “We’re headed into what could be a nightmare that would make all of the atrocities of the 20th century look like they were a dress rehearsal.” – Alan Keyes
  • “The plans for all of this are to have everything globally in place by 2020.” – Robin Eubanks
  • “America isn’t going to fall. We are falling.” – Alan Keyes
  • “If we’re that dumb and we allow this to happen we deserve everything we’re gonna get, cause we’re gonna get it right in the neck.” – Dr. David Noebel

We need to understand who we are as a nation, then we will be better able to understand (and counter) those who stand against us. We’ve got to move away from a collectivist mindset and break free from any chains of tyranny. The only way to win against an enemy is to name it as an enemy and not dance around it. We’ve got to look squarely at this unwanted perpetrator and stand against it at every level and in every possible way—from our homes to our schools to our churches to our government. 

American will not become a Communist nation. Not on my watch. And not on yours, either. 

“The left wants you to believe that catastrophe is always just around the corner and the only way to avoid it is to do exactly what they say.”
– Agenda 2



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