They’re Bullying our Common Sense

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D.J. Neeley | Civil Patriot

Common sense would say: 

  • Don’t open the border. Doing so will lead to chaos. 

It would also say: 

  • Not every white person is a racist. 
  • Not every cop is bad. 
  • Sometimes election fraud really does happen. 
  • Voter ID is a sensible thing. 
  • Children don’t need to have sex changes based on their feelings. 
  • Border walls are a safety mechanism, much like the fences around our elected representatives’ homes. 
  • Not everyone who voted for Trump is a conspiracy theorist. 
  • First amendment rights are guaranteed to all citizens, not just those who go along with whatever narrative is being pushed at the moment. 

When you have common sense, you ask questions like:  

  • Is shutting down the economy really the answer to the COVID problem? 
  • Can we really trust the government to tell us what’s best for our families and our health? 
  • Is it just me, or does it seem like conservatives being singled out and censored?
  • Why are they trying to force their left-leaning narrative down our throats? 
  • Who cares if I have a different opinion? 
  • Why are they insisting we participate in group-think? 
  • Is there a bigger story going on here? 
  • Does Biden have handlers? (He sure doesn’t seem to be in charge or even know what he’s talking about.)
  • What do you mean, the parents can’t decide what’s best for their child? 

Here’s the problem: They’re bullying our common sense. Every time we question anything, we’re shut down. 

  • Have a problem with lockdowns? Say it, and you’re booted from social media. 
  • Unsure about the treatment or vaccine for COVID? Don’t you dare share it or you’ll be banned. 
  • Mentioning anything positive about Trump on Twitter or Facebook? You’ll be gone for good. 
  • Say anything in support of the police and you’re a racist. 
  • Joining a group like “Stop the Steal” or questioning what happened on Nov. 3rd in Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, or Michigan? You’re a conspiracy theorist. 
  • Say anything against the current gender policies and you’re homophobic. 

I find it ironic that The Left is completely anti-bullying in some ways—check out the thousands of psychology-based articles online, and you’ll see what I mean—and yet they act as total bullies in others. They simply don’t see what they’re doing as bullying. In fact, most liberals would be stunned to hear you accuse them of that. 

And yet, they are. Anyone who demands you bend to their will, their ways, their beliefs. . .is a bully. But I’m here to remind you that they have no right—none—to force their twisted ideologies on you or to demand you conform. 

Here’s the truth, folks: God gave us common sense for a reason. It’s that red flag that waves boldly in the breeze when you know you’re being fed a crock of B.S. It’s that gut-feeling that things aren’t really what they seem or that you’re being bluffed. It’s that moment of hesitation when you’re told to do something but it doesn’t sit well with you. It’s that sickening feeling you get when you’re watching a show on TV and suddenly you realize you’re being indoctrinated. It’s that righteous indignation that rises up in you when they say, “We’ll make the decisions for your children.” 

The Left is determined to bully our common sense. They do so by lying, ridiculing, and name-calling. And, (just keeping it real), we’ve let them. We’ve tucked our proverbial tails between our legs and scurried away, lips clamped. The quieter we get, the louder they get. 

We can’t afford to give up our common sense. And I don’t know about you, but I firmly believe bullies are best left on the school playground or in the principal’s office where they belong. 



  1. THANK GOD someone is finally speaking up. Conservatives have been too nice. I am 95 years old and the U.S.A. that I grew up in was a far better place than it is today. WHY? Because almost everyone had a headful of common sense and USED that headful of common sense when dealing with others. Whenever a BULLY appeared on the schoolyard or in the neighborhood there was always a brave person who would ‘stand their ground’…. and what happened? The ‘bully’ became a better person. He/she was no longer a bully. Try it— it works!


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