T’was the Night of the Election

Photo courtesy @mannyb

Scarlet Lindsey | Civil Patriot

T’was the night of the election
And oh, what a sight!
Poll workers were counting
Till late in the night!

The ballots were tucked
In their suitcases with care,
In hopes that the Republicans
Soon would leave there. 

Then off they all flew,
Leaving workers alone,
To steal the election
While they all went home!

And I with my coffee,
And camera in hand,
Hid away in a corner,
To discover their plan!

When what to my wondering eyes
should appear,
But ballots galore
From the sly electioneer!

Cases of ballots,
From out of the blue!
The tables had turned,
But what could I do? 

I spoke not a word,
As they tallied those votes.
But crouched in the corner,
I took careful notes.

On ladies! On gentlemen!
Oh, I see you’ve found more!
Keep counting,
And adding to Biden’s big score!

Tabulate! Tabulate!
Run it again!
No one will notice
the weight of your sin. 

Their eyes, how they twinkled!
Their dimples, how merry!
Their cheeks glowed with mischief
With each load they carried.

“We’ll show them!” they chortled.
Those Trumpsters will cuss!
They’ll soon rue the day
That they dared mess with us! 

What’s that? You’re still counting?
My goodness, you’re clever!
Why, you must have worked
On this scheming forever! 

And then, in a twinkling,
I heard them all sigh.
The deed had been done,
They had propped up their guy. 

I reached for my phone,
To my boss sent a text.
I’d caught the whole thing,
But what would come next? 

Would justice be served,
And truth come to light?
Or would this election
Go to the wrong guy? 

I shot from the corner,
Unnoticed at first.
Then they turned and they saw me,
And started to curse. 

I let out a shout
As I bounded from sight:
“Donald Trump’s still my president!
And to all a good night!”


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