“WE WANTED TO SEND A MESSAGE” : Fines Issued in CT for Failing to Follow COVID-19 Regulations

“WE WANTED TO SEND A MESSAGE” : Fines Issued in CT for Failing to Follow COVID-19 Regulations

By Flavia K. Tucker, The Ultimate Patriot

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont has begun issuing fines to those who do not comply with the state’s Coronavirus travel restrictions.

The first of these fines were issued to two residents for failing to fill out public health forms upon returning to Connecticut several weeks ago. One of these individuals was issued an additional fine after a co-worker reported him for failing to self-quarantine for 14 days as mandated by law.

“Look I hate to do it, but we are going to be serious and show people we are serious about this,” Governor Lamot stated during a press conference. “I think people are self-policing and self-regulating, but not all are. We wanted to send a message loud and clear.”

Josh Geballe, Connecticut’s chief operating officer, also weighed in on this matter. “This is for real. We need people to follow these rules, we need people to comply,” Geballe said. “If you need to quarantine then we expect you to do that and if not, there will be consequences.”

Currently the state of Connecticut has reported over 50,000 cases of the Coronavirus and more than 4000 deaths. 

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  1. This is in my opinion totally in violation of our constitution and what used to be known,until just recently, a free country. I’m certainly glad I don’t live in Connecticut. I’m also glad I’m in my 80’s. God bless my children and grandchildren. That must be a Democratic stronghold state. Vote accordingly.

    • Hi Floyd! We weren’t moderating your post, specifically. We just had no one to keep up with all the comments….but now we do! I am so grateful for your unique perspective! Since you’re in your 80s you’ve seen SO many things that many of us younger ones haven’t. We sure need more like you to speak up!

  2. There is that “comply” word again… Being forced to “comply” with government mandates (which ONLY have any teeth in them because of the declared state of emergency). So the government works for the people, the people are the boss so to speak. Yet the elected official(s) is (are) mandating compliance? The employees are dictating to the bosses? It is my humble opinion that this is an attempt to RULE the people instead of governing. Tsk tsk.


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