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Annie Peterson | Civil Patriot

I read the headlines today and my heart hit my stomach. Yesterday, on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the new White House administration announced that it would codify federal abortion law. Unsure about what that meant, exactly, I did a little research. 

Basically, in the event that Roe v. Wade is ever overturned, women will still be able to abort their babies at the same rate they are now. In short, it’s an effort to ever-grow and expand the radical abortion agenda from our friends on The Left. 

Look, I don’t know where you stand on the abortion issue. I know it’s controversial, even among conservatives. Many cry out for the “right to choose” while others claim that they’re “choosing” to murder a child, an innocent victim. 

I happen to be in that second camp, but I’ve never been one to criticize a mom for making that decision. Instead, I criticize those who politicize abortion and make it so easy, so appealing, so affordable. . .and so “acceptable” even up to the final moments before a full-term baby is born. 

In case you haven’t heard, there are even Democrats who believe in post-birth abortion. (i.e. letting the baby die on the table if it’s born alive after an attempted abortion). In fact, our new VP actually co-sponsored the 2019 Women’s Health Protection Act (WHPA), which prohibits states banning post-viability abortions that don’t make exceptions if a woman’s health and life are at risk. 

That all sounds reasonable until you realize that very, very few women’s lives are saved by killing the baby. If a mother’s life is in danger in her 7th or 8th month, the baby is usually delivered and given life-saving intervention/help by tender, compassionate caregivers. Letting the baby die on the table isn’t going to help the mother live. At that point, one has nothing to do with the other. 

I wasn’t always this passionate, trust me. 

Back in 1983 a good friend of mine from work asked if she could come and speak to my church’s youth group. I agreed. I had no idea the topic she planned to speak on. When she arrived, she shared a gut-wrenching testimony of a decision she’d made as a teen to abort her baby. She spoke of the regrets, of the pain, of the “would-haves, should-haves” and the deep, agonizing sorrows she had experience as a result of this one “choice.” 

Then, she pulled out photos of aborted babies. 

I had never seen such a thing before. And, as a young mom (with three tiny children) I wasn’t prepared to see them at that time, either. There’s never a good time to see a picture of a dead baby, ripped limb to limb or burned with saline. 

But looking at those photos changed me. Radically. Permanently. It gave me a clear vision of what was really happening in the womb during these so-called safe and pain-free abortions. My friend’s testimony also showed me that the babies aren’t the only ones who go through pain: the mamas do, too. In other words, it was my codifying moment, the moment the facts, (the true facts), came into alignment in my heart and mind.

Jump ahead to 2000. A good friend worked at an abortion healing ministry. She invited me, my daughter, and my good friend to come to a federal women’s prison with her to minister to her group of ladies who were participating in a memorial service for their lost babies. 

I had no idea what I was getting into. We arrived to a room filled with (probably?) 100 prisoners dressed in white prison garb. Every single one of them had (at one point in her journey) had an abortion. Many gave their testimonies and admitted that they had been involved in prostitution and/or drugs, which contributed to their decisions. I felt nothing but pain and love for these precious women, who were now coming to grips with the results of their choices and the role those choices had made in other areas of their lives. Many were quick to admit that the psychological pain from the abortion(s) had led to excessive alcohol and drug use, as well as other negative choices. 

I led worship at that event and my daughter and friend did a compelling drama piece about mothers and babies. Then came the moment I’d dreaded. On a table at the front of the room there were probably 300+ “angels.” (Basically, cloth angels to represent the babies who had lost their lives). Each mama walked to the front of the room and took one cloth angel for each baby she had aborted. Then she named each one and asked that baby for forgiveness. The tears were unbearable. 

I’ll never forget what happened next: The woman directly in front of us took nine. 

When my daughter (19) saw this, and when she saw the woman agonizing over her lost children, she fell apart. I still remember the gut-wrenching sobs—from the woman and from my daughter. That was their codifying moment. 

I also remember the amazing testimonies that came out of that meeting, of women who had awakened to the knowledge of what abortion really was/is. Not what they’d been told by people who wanted to make a buck from their choice, but what it really, really was. 

And is. 

There’s nothing pretty about the abortion issue. No matter how The Left dresses it up, no matter how they word it, no matter how legal it is or isn’t. There’s nothing pretty about ripping a baby apart from limb to limb or snuffing out an innocent life. 

And if that image bothers you. . .good. It should. 

Someone has to stand in the gap. Someone has to (like I did back in 1983) take a cold, hard look at what’s really going on and say, “Wait. . .it’s wrong to take that baby’s life.” 

Because it is wrong. . .and not just for the sake of the baby. It’s wrong because we conservatives want the very best for all people. And the very best for those mothers is a life with no regrets. 

When was your codifying moment? 

If it hasn’t come yet, I pray today is your day. 



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