Annie Peterson | Civil Patriot

I woke up this morning to the headlines about impeachment proceedings in D.C. Right away, I got that horrible sinking feeling in my stomach, along with an array of thoughts: “How could they do this?” “Don’t they realize they’re making things worse?” “Do they really think this is going to bring the country together?” “Have they lost their minds?”

After I calmed down I was struck with a question I didn’t have an answer to: “Annie, why do you let a handful of men and women in Washington D.C. and Silicon Valley affect your thoughts?” 


Why do I let these people—who don’t know or truly represent me—control my thoughts, beliefs, and actions? They’ve never met me. They can’t see inside of my heart. They rarely speak for me, and even when I think they do, they often let me down with the very next thing they say or do. In other words, I can’t trust them to remain consistent, even in those rare moments when I think they’re fighting for me. 

Here’s the truth: I’m my own person. I’m responsible for me—my beliefs, my actions, my thoughts. No one on the planet can tell me what to believe. No one can tell me what to speak. No one can tell me what to think. I’m an individual. First, a Christian (my personal belief system). Second, a mom, wife, daughter, and so on. Third, an American. Fourth, a neighbor/friend. Fifth, a contributor to society with my work and tax dollars. 

With this in mind, I’ve decided not to let them get to me. That’s what they want, you know. With every salacious headline, they want me to react. They want to get me stirred up. They’re hoping that I (and others like me) get angry and do stupid things so they can point fingers at us and say, “See? I told you they were dangerous!”

Only, I’m not dangerous. Not even a little bit. 

Hmm. Maybe I am, now that I think about it. Because my belief system doesn’t align with theirs, I suppose that makes me dangerous in their eyes. And because I refuse to bend to their will, I guess that also makes me dangerous. 

But you get my point. I’m an individual. I’m not controlled by the state. I’m not controlled by the narrative. I’m not controlled by the ever-changing political climate. I’m controlled by myself (and, as a Christian, by God’s Spirit inside of me). As a free-thinking, freedom-loving individual I’ll go on as I always have, without fear or intimidation. And I would like to encourage you to do the same. Don’t let the narrative from Washington and Big Tech change anything inside of you. Remain true to yourself. Believe as you’ve always believed. Live as you’ve always lived. Care about the things you’ve always cared about. Work as you have always worked. Share as you have always shared. But don’t let fear of what “they” are doing and saying change anything about you. 

Because, you’re the only “you” you’ve got. 

And you’re the only “you” your children are watching. 

They are watching, you know, and they’re hoping you will remain steady—for their sake and for your own. 

So, be like that rock in the stream. Let the flood waters rage. Let the narrative push lighter sticks and leaves downstream. But, don’t be moved. You stay right where you are. Right where you’ve always been. 





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