Why They Want to Shut us Up

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D.J. Neeley | Civil Patriot

How can you tell when The Left is lying? 

When they’re talking. 

They have one particular narrative that really grates on my nerves. But it’s rooted in a lie. As we in East Texas like to say, “That dog won’t hunt.” 

Here’s the narrative: “We don’t really censor conservatives. We’re just protecting the public from danger.” 

Here’s the truth: “Speak a word in favor of Trump, you’re out. Support Biden, you’re in.”

Do they really think we’re stupid? Oh, wait. . .they do. They’re counting on it, in fact. 

Let’s face it: Big Tech and Social Media platforms, for the most part, really aren’t about free speech. Most of the big ones are serving as publishers, choosing their overtly liberal/progressive content with great care and shutting out the rest. But, why? Why do they care so much about presenting only one political opinion? 

Many would say that Big Tech is nothing more than an arm of the Democrat party. 

If you’re looking for proof that they primarily boot conservatives and not Democrats, have a look at the following list, according to date. Things have really escalated since the weeks leading up to the Nov. 3rd election: 

  • October 2020: New York Post was booted for alleging corruption between Burisma and Joe Biden. (Um….)
  • October 2020: Christian conservative Charlie Kirk was given the boot for sharing “misleading” information about mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania. (Have you ever met a nicer, godlier young man than Charlie Kirk? Just the notion that he might lie makes me want to groan.) 
  • November 2020: Former Republican candidate for the US House was ousted for tweeting that immigrants would enter the US and cause violence. (Again, there are hundreds of cases to prove this as a real possibility.) 
  • November 2020: Former White House Chief Strategist, Steve Bannon, was kicked off of Twitter after a supposed thread made to Anthony Fauci and Christopher Wray. 
  • January 2021: Lin Wood (pro-Trump attorney) was given the boot for supposedly inciting violence. 
  • Also ousted in January 2021: a plethora of other conservatives including: Dan Bongino, Michael Flynn, Sidney Powell, Ali Alexander, Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene, Mike Lindell, Focus on the Family’s Daily Citizen, Shiva Ayyadurai, and (of course) President Donald Trump. I don’t have time or the stamina to break down every one of these, but I’ll sum it up this way: In nearly every case these were people closely associated with Trump. Oh, and many also believed there was actually evidence of fraud in the 2020 election. 

Boy, those are fighting words, aren’t they. . .election fraud? Say them these days and you’ll lose your job, your friends, and every social media account out there. We used to joke about getting kicked off of social media. Now we know we will. We can count on it. Go against the narrative and you’re done for. 

Here’s my point: The Left says, “It’s not really censorship.” They try to say that conservatives are dangerous liars. The problem is, we’re living in an upside-down world where their version of a lie is really the truth and where our version of a truth just makes them furious. 

And when they’re furious, you know what they do. . .

They stop at nothing to shut us up. 

It’s all a narrative, of course. And we have to stand firm against it. If we give in, if we give up, then what will be left for our children? They will have no voice at all. 

No, we have to keep going, conservatives. Their narrative is thick, but our determination is thicker. 



  1. Dealing with democrats agenda is reminiscent of being married to a narcissist who gaslights. We are constantly being hammered with a new crisis, having to be on the offense, saturated with lies.

  2. They also overlook the words of one of their former patron saints, JFK, who warned ‘Those who make peaceful change impossible will make violent revolution inevitable” That formula will work on both sides of the street….


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