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It started as a fun, catchy phrase: “Get Woke, Go Broke.” 

Companies that decided to follow the “woke” agenda often ended up losing money, losing customers, and losing potential for financial gain. 

Now, it’s not just a phrase. It seems the “woke” movement is driving companies and entities out of business all over the place. And we’re at the “rubber meets the road” moment for many of these companies. They’re discovering that the price-tag for their “woke-ism” was way too high. 

Take Coca-Cola and TGI Fridays, for instance. Both companies decided to push (and I do mean push) the LGBTQI agenda in their commercials/advertising. Men kissing men. Women kissing women. An elderly grandmother helping her drag queen grandson get dressed for a gig. A girl helping her lesbian lover bind up her breasts so that she can live as a man. On and on these vignettes went—all meant to influence us. Only, Coca-Cola and TGI Fridays took hard hits from the public over their over-the-top woke-ism. The financial fallout was significant. 

Another “entity” to suffer. . .this year’s Golden Globes. Millions more people tuned in to watch our favorite President speak at the CPAC convention than watched the once-revered awards show. 

And then there’s the NBA. Their all-star ratings hit an all-time low recently as  NBA players took a knee during the National Anthem. (Ratings were down 24% from the previous year.) 5.94 million viewers watched the game. 17.8 million people preferred to watch Meghan Markle complain about her life of privilege. 

Speaking of sports, next on the “woke” list is ESPN. They’ve been forced to lay off over 300 employees. 

Next, we turn our attentions to Big Tech. The big social media platforms have taken a huge hit in the markets after banning President Trump from their platforms. 

According to clashdaily: 

In case there is anyone out there still wondering, it’s becoming clear that the decision for Silicon Valley to dogpile and ‘cancel’ a sitting president was a political one, not a business one.

They are perfectly willing to play chicken with trillion-dollar companies (and their shareholder’s investments) so long as they can drop a hammer on Donald Trump and (more importantly) the movement he has started.

Another “woke but broke” company is A&E. Remember when you used to tune in to watch Shipping Wars, Storage Wars, Dog the Bounty Hunter and other such shows? A&E was the bomb! Now they’ve simply bombed. When the Dems turned on the police, A&E followed suit (in true politically correct fashion) canceled their pro-police show, Live PD. The result? They lost nearly half of their viewers. 

And then there’s Disney. They started virtue signaling in their more recent Star Wars movies, paying too much attention to the woke mob and not enough attention to their actual fans. Many viewers simply walked away. 

Finally, in perhaps one of the dumbest financial moves of all time, Gillette (the razor company) ran Gilette razor ads trashing men and painting them as violent stalker and abusers. Because that’s a great way to advertise your product, by bashing your customer base. The fallout was swift and severe. So severe, in fact, that Gillette has now flip-flopped the other way and is hoping to lure back these same men with the opposite message. 

People aren’t stupid. They don’t like to be manipulated. They don’t like to be used. And they don’t like to be preached to. 

These “woke” companies can go back to sleep, as far as I’m concerned. I’m done with most of them, anyway. 


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