11 Million Illegal Immigrants to be Offered Path to Citizenship

Photo courtesy @InSightCrime.com

D.J. Neeley | Civil Patriots

President-Elect Biden has announced a bill that could legalize 11 million illegal immigrants, which he plans to present soon after he enters office. 

The proposed bill is considered to be a serious change of direction from that of previous administrations, going all the way back to the Clintons. According to the LA Times, the bill, as well as providing a path for people illegally in the US to legalize their status, will also shorten the pathway to citizenship for many other people, including children or people brought into the US as children, and essential workers. (mynewscorp.com) 

Biden’s legislation does not include money to support detention and deportation. Previous immigration bills passed under both Democratic and Republican administrations linked an expansion of immigration with stepped-up enforcement and security measures. The bill would provide a shorter pathway to citizenship for people with Temporary Protected Status, for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) recipients and likely also for certain frontline essential workers, vast numbers of whom are immigrants. (Los Angeles Times)

Also, the bill is said to make no mention whatsoever of increased security related to immigration, which is another break from the norm of previous years and decades, in more than one country actually. (mynewscorp.com) 

At this very moment, another migrant caravan is headed toward the border of my great state (Texas). No doubt those folks are delighted at the prospect of potentially becoming American citizens, too. The migrants pushed their way through the Guatemalan border this past Saturday. Watching what happens when they arrive Mexico’s border should be interesting. After that? Who knows. 

Maybe, if they make it to Texas, Biden’s border patrol officers will have no choice but to swing wide the floodgates and holler, “Come on in!” Then, of course, he’ll offer them free COVID vaccinations, free food and shelter, and free college for their kids. Never mind the fact that I’m working my tail off to pay for all of these things for my own children. I don’t suppose my part in this matters to the Democrats. At all.  

Oh, wait. . .yes it does. Someone has to pay for all of this, after all. If only we Texans had gobs of money to cover the cost of all of these incoming people, as well as funds to cover the 11 million Biden is ushering in with open arms. Wouldn’t that be something? Instead, many in my community are struggling just to get by, what with COVID restrictions and all. Don’t even get me started on the businesses that have shut their doors permanently. And here in Texas, where we’re already flooded with illegal immigrants, the locals are often hard-pressed to find jobs in the first place. 

It’s a conundrum. 

I’ve got a big heart, y’all. I’m the sort of person who would say, “C’mon in! Happy to see you!” But then I remember that someone has to pay the bill for all of the freebies we’re about to dole out.  

I guess that person’s going to be me. And you. I don’t anticipate our representatives remembering us, anyway. They’ve got their hands full hating on each other up there in D.C. 

So, I’ll whip out my pocketbook to (once again) pay for folks I don’t even know. But, I don’t mind saying, I’ll be thinking about all those times my own kids went without new shoes and school clothes because I was struggling to make ends meet. And, I’ll be remembering the situation this past Christmas when I had to choose between paying the rent on my shop and buying toys for the kids. Or, of the many sleepless nights when I lie in bed and wonder how or if they’ll ever make it to college. 

But that, I suppose, doesn’t matter, either. 



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