30 Progressive Priorities

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Annie Peterson | Civil Patriot 

Priorities, priorities! What are the Liberal Left’s progressive priorities and why should we be concerned?

To understand their priorities, one must differentiate between the moderate Democrats and the so-called progressive (socialist) Democrats. Even as I type that word “socialist” I find myself feeling nauseated. How did we get to the point where anyone thought that any version of socialism was a good thing? 

Regardless, the Democrats find themselves in these two camps with more and more leaning to the Left. This comes at a time when more and more Republicans tip to the Right. This makes the chasm between us that much greater. 

Left-leaning politicians want to take advantage of the fact that they now control the White House and the Congress by getting their priorities in order. We’ve seen glimpses of where they’re headed with Biden’s overreaching Executive Orders over the past week. But I suspect we ain’t seen nuthin’ yet. These Progressives are far more dangerous than we once thought. With that in mind, I’d like to share (what I see as) several of their top priorities over the next year or two. 

30 Progressive Priorities: 

  1. They want to centralize government, (take power away from the states and give it to the federal government). They want to give the government control over almost every aspect of our lives, from the cars we drive to the air we breathe to where we work to where we receive our news to how we raise our kids. 
  2. They want to create a globalist agenda and a globalist view, demonizing words like “nationalist” or “Patriot.” They’re keen to do away with “America First” thinking. 
  3. They want to control energy production. They promote this under the guise of saving the environment, but this really is a power-grab, a way to bring even more control. 
  4. They want to indoctrinate our children. There are too many examples to cite, but many, many on the Left have claimed that children of conservatives need to be reprogrammed. They’ve also claimed that these same children should be raised in a safe environment, away from right-wing parents who will indoctrinate them. 
  5. They want to change our thinking on climate control. And if we don’t change our thinking, they’ll just change our jobs. They’ll take away our lifetime in the oil and gas industry and put us to work making solar panels. (You can’t make this stuff up. This was actually a suggestion by John Kerry.) 
  6. They want to turn D.C. into a state. And now that they hold the majority in Congress, this is (for the first time) a very real possibility. 
  7. They want to allow riots to continue. Only, they won’t call them riots. They’ll keep calling them “peaceful protests.” But they’re completely fine letting them go on because (in their narrative) these are nothing like what we witnessed on January 6th
  8. Speaking of January 6th, they want to continue to replay the “insurrection” story as if it’s as 9/11. 
  9. They want to raise taxes to pay for social programs. 
  10. They want to open our borders and allow access to all and an easy path to citizenship (on our dime). 
  11. They want to designate sanctuary cities. 
  12. They want to defund and demonize police. 
  13. They want to offer free college for all (on our dime). 
  14. They want free Medicare for all (on our dime). 
  15. They want to offer free birth control to all (on our dime). 
  16. They want to force the LGBTQ agenda on us, even in our religious institutions. 
  17. They want an inflated minimum wage (which will cause small businesses to shut down). 
  18. They want to push the social justice narrative. 
  19. They want to continue to play the race card. 
  20. They want children to be free to choose their own sex as young as age eight. 
  21. They want to rewrite history and tear down statues of anyone who was ever tied to slavery.  
  22. They want to get rid of the 2nd amendment. 
  23. They want to shut down all conservative news sources—online, and syndicated. 
  24. Ultimately, they want control. ALL of the control. Of our words, the way we run our families, our religious institutions, our jobs, and our personal beliefs.  
  25. They want Identity Politics. 
  26. They want to punish Trump supporters. It’s everywhere. You see it on social media. You see it in the workplace. And just yesterday a man who created Trump memes was indicted for using Twitter to ‘Spread Election Disinformation’ Hillary Voters back in 2016. He’s facing TEN years in prison. Never mind the fact that others shared the same (or similar) memes. He’s been singled out because he’s a Trump supporter. So, clearly we can see that the Left is keen to punish us by using the courts against us. 
  27. They also want to label us as terrorists. I wish I was joking, but it’s true. MSNBC political analyst Jason Johnson said that Democrats should declare all Republicans are “terrorists,” adding “you can’t negotiate, you can’t legislate and you can’t work with terrorists.” (Gateway Pundit) All Republicans? Terrorists? The problem with this sort of hyperbole is that people latch onto it and before long everyone’s saying it. Scary. 
  28. They want to push a radical abortion agenda. They’re not just keen to fund abortions with tax dollars. They demand we change our very beliefs about it. But even if we don’t change our beliefs, they’ll still force us to pay for the deaths of those babies with our tax dollars. Oh, and we’re supposed to believe it’s not really a baby. And we’re also supposed to believe it’s okay to murder that “clump of cells” up to the moment it’s due (a full nine months). I can’t even fathom how they could think this was okay. 
  29. They want to take away the capital G from the word God and put it in front of the word Government. 
  30. They want to divide and conquer. . .at any cost. 

Other than that, the Progressives have no plans to destroy the America we know and love. 



  1. In plain language they want a communist nation. Hope the people wake up a stop this madness. We got here thru the social leaning Professors and Their total leaning to Communist ways. It took decades to achieve their desired results.


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