7 Football Strategies for Conservatives to Win the Big Game

Photo courtesy @hi_i_am_steph

Annie Peterson | Civil Patriot

I don’t know much about football, but I do know this much: Ask any football player how to win a game and he’ll say, “Strategize.” If there’s no game plan, there’s no game. Even with the strongest muscles, the fastest running, and the strongest pre-game workout, the whole thing will fall apart if there’s no plan. 

Enter 2021, the year we hoped (and prayed) would be better than 2020.  

With or without Trump, conservatives are already in the political game, whether we want to admit it or not. Only, there’s a lot more at stake than a friendly “football pool” at work. And let’s be honest—for the first time in years we’re not even close to the goal. In fact, we’re moving in the opposite direction on the field. 

But this isn’t the time to give up. Just the opposite, in fact. 

We’ve got to move forward with the same attitude that propels a Super Bowl team toward their biggest game of their lives. And we’ve got to have some serious goals/strategies to get there. 

Here are my recommendations for conservatives as we face this new season: 

  1. Be on the offense. Assume The Left will attack in every conceivable area and always be one step ahead of them. The Parler issue was a heads-up for what’s coming next. From this point forward, conservatives have to have safe platforms that can’t be pulled down. They’ve got to assume liberals will be relentless and have to be just as relentless in plowing forward, which means we need a plan for every conceivable area—from local politics to national, from online issue to lawsuits. 
  2. Keep your guards in place. Maybe we got a little too comfortable, thinking Trump would have another four years. He was a strong protector, after all, and we were accustomed to watching him duke it out on our behalf. Maybe we let our guard down. We’ve got to keep that protective wall up high, especially now. If liberals see a chink in our armor they’ll fire a dart right through it. Don’t get comfortable. 
  3. Stand against the lies and call them lies. We’re not terrorists. We aren’t racists. We’re not any of the things those on The Left accuse us of being. But, unless someone speaks up, people will go on believing it because it’s all they’re hearing from the media. 
  4. Speaking of the media, it’s time to turn away from any and all media outlets that have betrayed conservatives and keep our spirits up by reading/watching/listening to trusted sources.  
  5. Know who your Quarterbacks are and be ready to help them out in any way possible. We’ve got some strong players in the conservative movement and they’re not afraid to speak up. They are, however, extremely vulnerable. Many have lost their YouTube privileges, been booted from Facebook and have lost their web hosting privileges. . .all for supporting President Trump. Some, like Brandon Straka, are paying a heavy price for being in D.C. on January 6th. The Left wants nothing more than to take down those conservatives who have a strong following. Strategize carefully and give generously so that those who are making the most impact won’t give up. 
  6. Know your formations. The Left is coming for us and we’ve got to be ready to keep them from breaking through. That means we’ve got a build a wall. How? By linking arms with fellow conservatives and standing tall, even when they try to kick your feet out from under you. Keep choosing strong conservative leaders. Keep taking a stand against tyranny. 
  7. Be on the defense as well as the offense. Know in advance how you will respond when you are attacked on social media or in a social situation. Have a ready answer for your beliefs. Be ready to defend yourself, no matter what they say. 

I can’t tell you who will win the Super Bowl this coming Sunday. I can’t tell you who will win the White House next time around. But I can tell you that I will be right here, thinking up new ways to keep conservative values alive so that my children and grandchildren won’t have to fight as hard as you and I did. 



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