7 Reasons Why the Populist Movement Will Continue to Grow

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Brock Benson | Civil Patriot

America was not built on fear. America was built on courage, on imagination and an unbeatable determination to do the job at hand.
– Harry S. Truman

Throughout American history there have been multiple “populist” seasons and/or movements. 

Let’s look first at what populism is: 

Populism is a particular “style” of politics that encourages ordinary people to mobilize in opposition to the ruling powers of the day, (whatever that might look like at the time). Most populists will claim to speak for the average Joe, not the Hollywood elites or D.C. insiders. 

Some examples of modern populists (and their founders) would include: 

  • Ross Perot
  • The Tea Party
  • Occupy Wall Street
  • Bernie Sanders
  • Donald Trump

In each of these cases, the movements wanted to move away from the ruling class (whoever happened to be in power at that time) and to represent the will of the people. As you can see, populism extends to both sides of the aisle, but conservatives really got onboard during the Tea Party years. 

What we’ve experienced over the past four years under Donald Trump has been a populist movement more exciting than almost any in our nation’s history. For once we actually had someone in the White House who broke with the norm, who represented the Average Joe. Ironic, since that man happened to be a billionaire. But Trump truly understood the needs of workers, the small business owners, as well as families and churches. 

So, here we are in 2021 under a more dictatorial rule, something that absolutely flies in the face of all we believe. Instead of freedom, we’re being forced to comply and bend to tyrannical mandates—in the marketplace, in our businesses, on social media, even as it pertains to our own health. 

As you can imagine, conservative populists aren’t going to take this lying down. That’s why I’m convinced this movement will not only grow during Biden’s term, but actually blossom far beyond what our current imaginings.  

With that in mind I’ve put together a list of seven reasons why I see this phenomenon happening: 

  1. Populists don’t like to be told what to do. It’s one thing to go along with the crowd when we’re being told to do makes sense. But so many of the mandates are nonsensical and fluctuation and that drives populists crazy. 
  2. Conservative populists don’t care for Big Government. They don’t want Big Brother in their pocketbooks and they certainly don’t want him in their personal lives. These days we’re pretty much owned by Big Brother/Big Government and it’s clear Biden wants to tighten those reins even more. Populists will rebel against that in a hurry! 
  3. Populists can’t abide the idea of a ruling class. Whenever they’re in a situation where one group lords over another group, the populists rise up and say, “Hey, what about us?” It’s clear Biden’s administration will be one of “lording over” not “governing with.” And that won’t fly with the populists. 
  4. Populists want their voices to be heard. They will keep on finding ways to make that happen, even if it means creating new social media platforms, conservative news sources, and so on. Instead of hyper-focusing on their frustration with the current media platforms, for instance, they’re already busy making new ones to ensure their freedoms. 
  5. Populists are looking for permanent change. They’re not easily swayed by a change in administration because they’re looking for long-term solutions. With that in mind, I genuinely believe conservative populists won’t let the current administration stop them from plowing forward. 
  6. Populist movements want to get rid of government interference in their businesses. As you can imagine, this is a critical time for such reform. If Big Brother has his fingers in every pie—from our healthcare to when/where we can run our businesses, we’re in big trouble. Populists want to nudge the government out of those personal/business decisions as much as possible, so expect them to come out swinging during the Biden years. 
  7. Conservative Populists are true Patriots. They care more about individualism and country than D.C. elitism. Unlike their elected representatives, they actually want to see the kind of change they’re voting for. In other words, they want carry-through and they’re not beholden to anyone or anything. So, look for more populists to run for office on the local, state and national levels. 

Some would portray conservative populists as right-wing radicals, but most are simply people who want smaller government and more rights for the people. And if there was ever a time when we need those two things. . .it’s now. 



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