A 2020 Christmas: Home for the Holidays

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Annie Peterson | Civil Patriot

Oh, there’s no place like home for the holidays. . .unless you’ve been stuck at home for the past nine months. Then, perhaps, a trip to grandma’s house might sound a lot more exciting. Regardless, most folks are staying home this year (or keeping their gatherings to a minimum) but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. In spite of the current political climate, in spite of the angst over the election fraud, you can still do your best to push those feelings aside and focus on the kids. 

Here are some exciting ways to spice up your 2020 holiday season and make things memorable: 

1). Play games. No, really. There are a host of free Christmas-themed games available online. Whether you play with family member in person or by Skype/Facetime/Zoom, you can enjoy the festivities of a fun Christmas game. 

2). Bake Christmas cookies. There’s something magical about baking during the holiday season. You will find a host of recipes and decorating ideas online. Challenge yourself to try something you’ve never made before. 

3). Learn to cook a new food, perhaps a Christmas-themed food popular in another country. In Australia they eat Pavlova at Christmastime. In Germany it’s Stollen. Italians love their Pannetonne and Fruit Rum Cake is all the rage in Jamaica. Why not learn to make an exciting new dish to serve your family?  

4). Send a Christmas letter. Even if you’ve never been the type to send a Christmas letter, this is the perfect year. Instead of hyper-focusing on 2020’s bad news, focus on encouraging your loved ones and bringing hope. While you’re at it, send a letter of encouragement to President Trump and his family. 

5). If you can’t be with those you love, order special food items to be delivered to your recipients’ homes. Think outside the box: Alaskan salmon. Steaks. Cookie bouquets. 

6). Celebrate the 12 days of Christmas (Twelvetide) from Dec. 25 – January 5th). Each day, send a surprise gift to a loved one or friend in another city/state. 

7). Discover new Christmas crafts at Pinterest. Make a holiday centerpiece or create a display for your cards. 

8). Watch your favorite Christmas movies and then come up with alternate endings. What if George Bailey didn’t find out his worth? What if Ralphie didn’t get the BB gun? What if Elf never found his father? 

9). Write the story of your favorite-ever Christmas and share it with your family. 

10). Stage Christmas photos in your home or yard. Choose your favorite ugly sweater or silliest ensemble for the fun photos, but consider “semi-professional” photos, as well. Create your own backdrops using sheets, comforters, paintings, or anything you can think of.  

11). Make the holidays fun for Fido and Fifi. This is an excellent Christmas to spend time with your pet. Order special treats for them and don’t forget to include them in your family photos. 

12). Create your own Christmas-themed crossword puzzle then share it with loved ones. 

13). Create a Christmas memory book for your children or grandchildren. 

14). Consider leaving your Christmas tree up through Valentine’s day, changing out the decorations as the new season approaches. 

15). DIY Christmas ornaments. You will find a host of ideas online, but making your own ornaments will personalize your tree. 

16). DIY Christmas cards. Even if you’re not getting out this Christmas season you can order scrapbooking supplies online and use them to create lovely Christmas cards. 

17). Have a virtual wreath-making party. Gather with your friends via Zoom and craft beautiful wreaths together. Then take photos and share them online. 

18). Think back to the things you love to do as a child: paint by number. Cross-stitching. Embroidery. Painting. Sketching. Let your imagination run wild as you spend this holiday recreating some of your favorite childhood memories. 

19). Think of the Scrooge-iest person you know. Send him/her a special Christmas note to lift his/her spirits. 

20). Unable to put up a tree this year? No worries! You can create a tree out of any number of things: books, Christmas cards, kitchen items. . .whatever you like! Set your imagination free! 

Christmas 2020 doesn’t have to be a drag, even if the political climate is heated! You can enjoy all of these (and many more) activities to make things more festive. For the next twenty ideas, see PART TWO! 



  1. Why in the hell are we giving millions of dollars to countries that no American gives a darn about. Americans are hurting. If we have so much money to simply give away then give it to the people in the USA who have children to feed mortgages to pay and No income. Has this country gone loony? No, I think we can thank the Dems for this disaster and the Reps that simply go along with it and vote


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