A Bag of Dirty Tricks

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Annie Peterson | Civil Patriot


It’s a heady word and (I would imagine) an even more exhilarating feeling. Those who are in power often feel nothing can touch them. They soar high above the masses, calling the shots and pulling all the strings while their underlings simply do what they’re told because they feel they have no choice. 

Speaking of the Democrats, a friend texted me the other day to tell me that she’s worried about the amount of power they now have. Oh, not just because they’ve taken control of both the House and the Senate. She’s worried about the emotional and psychological control they seem to be holding over America, especially when you factor in their deep ties to Big Tech and the media. These days they’re running pretty much everything, and the rest of us are suddenly subjected to them. 

Those who hold all of the power (or most of it) tend to think they’re invincible. And they like to push those they’re controlling to the very edge of reason at times just because they can. There’s no point in meeting in the middle when you’ve got the control. You might as well go for the gusto. . .and that’s just what the Dems are doing right now. I would give you a list of all of the ways they’re seeking to ruin us, but you’ve been paying attention. You already see it for yourself. 

Which brings me to the chief point of my friend’s text. She’s worried that our modern liberal friends have an even deeper bag of dirty tricks. She is of the opinion that they’re a secretive bunch with a Pandora’s box of not-so-good pranks for us all. And she’s more than a little worried that Republicans won’t have the courage to stand up to them. 

I do know that they seem to have a master plan that involves ongoing election shenanigans. It also includes millions of new liberal voters—grateful immigrants who will soon be granted amnesty in spite of their illegal/undocumented status. These folks will flock to the voting booth to thank the Democrats who ushered them so freely into their lives in America.

I suspect the Dems would also love to see most of America living in a welfare state, dependent on the government. This is one reason they’re fighting so hard to level the economic playing field—to make the rich poorer and the poor richer, (even if they’re not willing to work for it). And I also believe they would like to completely control our healthcare and Big Tech. 

Oh, who am I kidding. . .they already control Big Tech. 

They want to change our thinking about the family unit. Have you ever wondered why? Because there’s strength in a family unit. If you separate kids (even psychologically) from parents, husbands from wives, then you’re creating more opportunity for the Democrats to rush in as heroes to those children, husbands, and wives. 

They love to play the role of hero: “Here, let us give you a big check from the government. It will make everything better.” “Here, let us give you a free college education. Then you’ll love us so much we’ll have your votes for years to come.” “Here, let us turn you against your family members who vote differently than you do. They’re parasites who must be canceled.” 

But, why? Why would the liberals go to the trouble to change the entire dynamic of our country? 

One word: Power. 

Their “Big Government, Small People” approach takes power away from the commoner and gives it to those in charge. 

That’s why we’ve got to elect Republicans who will stand up to these bullies. The only reason liberals have this heady feeling is because we’ve allowed them to have it. The only reason they’re lording over us (think Nancy Pelosi tearing up Trump’s speech) is because our Republican representatives have been too wimpy to take a stand. 

I listened to a conservative talk show this evening. The host said something that stood out to me. She said: These elected representatives chose their lives. They chose to be in power. They worked hard to garner votes. We can’t allow them to land in a position of power and then let us down. 

Many have. They’ve landed in high positions and then betrayed us. 

So, the dirty tricks, at least in my opinion, are on both sides of the aisle. I can’t control with the liberals do. But I can—through my vote—control who I send to represent me. If we want to come against the tricks of those determined to change the entire makeup of our country, we’ve got to have people willing to speak the truth.

The only way to knock corrupt leaders out of power is to give the people something better. 

In 2022 we must do better. 

And in 2024 we’ve got to take this country back, so that we can put an end to these dirty tricks, once and for all. 


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