A Hill to Die On

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D.J. Neeley | Civil Patriot

According to Grammarist.com: The hill you want to die on describes something so important to you that you are willing to fight to the death to accomplish it. 

Conservatives, it’s time to decide: What are your hills? What freedoms are so important to you that you would give up everything to preserve them? Are you willing to fight to get what you want (and rightfully deserve)? 

For some, it might be freedom of religion. For others, it might be the right to bear arms. For still others, it’s might be doing away with government (and/or Big Tech) overreach. For some, it might be the right to live as you please, go where you please, and say what you please. These are inalienable rights that no one can take away from you. 

It’s time to take inventory. Think about the things that have bothered you the most over the past year. Your list might include: 

  • Loss of personal freedoms
  • Lockdowns
  • The inability to keep your business open
  • Mask mandates
  • The inability to worship with those you love due to mandates
  • Financial woes (beyond your control, as a result of lockdowns)
  • Censorship
  • Failed leftwing policies
  • Media bias against Trump and his supporters
  • Accusations against you because of your support for President Trump
  • The unwillingness of RINOs to support President Trump
  • Impeachment #1
  • Impeachment #2
  • The fake Russia Hoax Narrative
  • Bias against your political beliefs
  • Bias against your religious beliefs
  • Attacks on your right to bear arms
  • Accusations that disagreeing with the narrative makes you a conspiracy theorist
  • Job loss as a result of your political beliefs
  • Cancel culture (loss of friends, relationships, jobs, or services due to your beliefs)
  • Angry mobs pulling down statues
  • Angry mobs destroying cities
  • False narratives from The Left
  • The blindness of the Left as they watch rioters at work
  • The hypocrisy of the Left as the point accusatory fingers at conservatives
  • Gaslighting
  • The split in the church as many progressives begin to conform their beliefs to match the narrative of the day
  • Executive Orders from our incoming President
  • Shutting down the Keystone Pipeline
  • The manipulation of The Left related to the abortion issue
  • Accusations made against conservatives on January 6th 

Look at all of those hills, conservatives. Which ones matter most to you? Which ones are you willing to die on? Once you’ve narrowed to list, it’s time to strategize. How will you take steps to preserve your freedoms and the freedoms of your children and grandchildren? You can’t more forward without a plan. 

Here’s a hard truth: If you won’t fight, you will lose by default. These battles are too important. You must stay in the game.  

You become a champion by fighting one more round.
When things are tough, you fight one more round.
James J. Corbett



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