A Thrill of Hope: Positive Stirrings in Arizona, Georgia, and Wisconsin

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Annie Peterson | Civil Patriot

Hope will never be silent.
Harvey Milk

I’ll never forget that sense of expectation I had right before the birth of my oldest daughter. Having never experienced labor before, I felt sure every little pain was the real deal. Every twinge—no matter how large or small—convinced me that a trip to the hospital was imminent. 

Unfortunately, her actual birthdate was weeks beyond the original due date. And when she did arrive, it was by emergency C-section, not at all like I’d pictured. All of that anticipation gave me hope in those final weeks, though, and hope is a very good thing, especially during a season when nothing seems certain. 

The ups and downs of this election have been a bit like a roller coaster ride and there have been times I’ve experienced those “imminent delivery” feelings all over again. I could picture our president (aka the pregnant woman) on the way to the White House (aka hospital) for a second term (delivery). Unfortunately, those false labor pains left me feeling disillusioned at times and I wondered if this baby was ever going to be born. 

Then came today’s news…

I started feeling those familiar twinges of hope again tonight when I heard that three of the battleground states are beginning to make moves in the right direction. Let’s break it down by state so that we can see where things stand. If this election is won by its rightful victor (Trump) it could be because of these three states: 

After an earlier investigation of 100 ballots, it was discovered that 3% were fraudulent. This has prompted the Arizona state senate to issue subpoenas to inspect and audit voting machines in Maricopa County. Though the county is fighting it, an audit will likely take place. Will it turn up the same percentages, but in larger numbers? If so, will it put Arizona back in Trump’s corner? On top of this story, Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, spoke with Steve Bannon early on Tuesday morning and implied that the Arizona legislature will attempt to pass a resolution to certify Trump as the winner in that state. There are 11 electoral votes up for grabs in Arizona. 

After reviewing mountains of evidence received during the recent hearings, the Georgia State Senate Judiciary Committee has officially recommended the decertification of the state’s electors. The committee produced a report recommending a special convening of the Georgia Assembly to discuss their findings. They are asking for a resolution to decertify the current results, stating overwhelming evidence of irregularities and potential fraud. Their recommendation reads: “The Legislature should carefully consider its obligation under the U.S. Constitution. If a majority of the General Assembly concurs with the findings of this report, the certification of the Election should be rescinded and the General Assembly should act to determine the proper Electors to be certified to the Electoral College in the 2020 presidential race.” This is hopeful news, for sure. There are 16 electoral votes up for grabs in Georgia. 

A number of Wisconsin voters were offered “indefinite confinement” status due to COVID-19. The court unanimously ruled that clerks were wrong to offer this status. The state of Wisconsin is dealing with the fallout and trying to figure out how to move forward. Will they end up decertifying? There are 10 electoral votes up for grabs in Wisconsin. 

Yep. I’m feeling those twinges again. Are they labor pains? Will this baby come quickly? At this point one can only wonder, but for tonight I’m happy to feel the thrill of hope once more.  



  1. I love president trump but as much as I hate
    To say it, there is so much corruption in our (so called leaders) that if we were to get 100%
    Irrefutable proof certified by christ himself the
    Left would still cheat ,lie,steal ,bully,even kill rather than admit that our president was screwed
    Big time. Our country may and probably will never be the great country our forefathers helped
    Us achieve. When you take GOD out of our lives
    Our lives will have no meaning and not worth living. We did not only let president trump down by not fighting earlier and harder for the truth. Beware of what we have allowed to happen as it will effect every honest person greatly

  2. On this day we celebrate the birth of our savior Jesus Christ and it is now on this day that we pray for our family and friends and our President Donald Trump who is our rightful leader and with God’s help will overcome this fraudulent election and with enough evidence to prove and overturn this injustice. It has always been my pet peeve that there needs to be an overhaul of this archaic system and this election is evident of it, we are in the digital generation. We can insert a credit card into a processor with a microchip and the same can be inserted into a drivers or non drivers license that would eliminate most of this manual paper ballot counting, after all the information as I remember asks you what party do you support, so why not take it to the next step. Our drivers and non drivers license I’d ‘s are our answer to a national passport and anyone that crosses our border should be held till one is processed for them with a background check. These are just common sense ideas. This should be the number one priority to secure a legal system and for as long as they are using paper ballots till this is corrected they should have high powered cameras that record over every ballot being counted. We are not in the 1800’s we are in the 20 century, with this system in place a touch screen monitor allows you to process your vote in record time so that it wouldn’t take more than a day or a week at most to decide our President. I also would be in favor of extending our election to election week since our population has grown every year so that people can get their lazy asses out to vote in person. I believe if President Trump regained his seat in the highest office of our land after this election, it would be the highest priority of his agenda.

  3. How on earth with all of the evidence presented no one in The USA would not want facts. Do people believe that everything is just going to fade away. How about all those people who signed affidavits of fraud.

  4. You said what 74+ million Trump voter’s feel. It is so blatantly obvious the election was totally corrupted in the battleground states. The Justice syste is equally corrupted by paid off judges. Not one law suit was allothe FBI wed to present evidence. They just through the cases out. Let’s pray the great Americans will see the fraud for what it is and do the Constitutional right moves.

  5. As santa clause might say, Ho Ho Ho ! The “stars” are NOT in the proper alignment,so all of this “hope” “ain’t” goin no where..Way too many co-opted judges,senators,and a plethora of other scum bags to allow the truth to matter ! America REALLY is screwed,and the idiots who think the commies actually like them ,well, I can barely wait for the “wails” of dis belief as the new “rules” smack us all .! The ONLY people who REALLY know what communism is are the ones who escaped from those countries..Now, there is no where left to run !

  6. So, my “just posted” comment is being “moderated” by the “thought police”.. So much for “free speech”…(ain’t communism grand) !!?

    • Hi Jack! We’re just now actually opening all comments. We didn’t have anyone to moderate them until now. So, your comments are welcome here!


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