America Last?

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Scarlet Lindsey | Civil Patriot

Picture a father of three. He’s married to Jenni, once the love of his life. Only, he never tells her that he loves her. He’s not vocal about his feelings with the kids, either. They don’t know much about dad except that he’s always gone on some project or another. He’s keen on saving the world, but doesn’t seem to remember they’re part of it. 

He’s helping a family at church with damages in their basement. It flooded after the big storm. Sure, his flooded, too, but he’ll get to that later. When he finishes saving those strangers, dad heads to a conference in another state. Then he’s off to a meeting for a local civic group. After that, a relief trip to Africa, to feed hungry bellies. Meanwhile, he’s neglecting his job and the paychecks are growing scarce. Jenni’s worried but doesn’t want to upset him. 

He misses his daughter’s gymnastics competition. Little Brooke is sad because he doesn’t seem to remember she’s part of his life, but he’s too busy saving the world. He also misses his oldest daughter’s graduation. Weirder still, he doesn’t even acknowledge it. In fact, he rarely acknowledges any of them, even when they’re together. He’s always talking about that next big project to save everyone else. 

Thanks to his negligence, the water bill doesn’t get paid. Jenni borrows money from her folks to pay it. But she’s had enough now. If this guy doesn’t get his act together, she will have no choice but to leave. 

This story might sound a bit extreme, but I think it’s little like our political situation right now. Our “father figure” (in the Oval Office) is very busy saving the world. And the climate. And the undocumented workers. And the gender fluid. He’s busy, busy, busy, attending meetings and working on behalf of others outside of our sphere. 

But, us? His kids? I have to wonder if he even remembers we’re still here. 

This is the problem with an “America Last” approach versus, say, “Make America Great Again.” When dad takes care of the family, then every person in that family is healthy and strong, ready to impact the world. But when dad doesn’t put them first, or, (worse) hands unsuspecting kids a pink slip, they fall to pieces and can help no one. 

I don’t have a problem with caring for people around the globe. But I do have a problem with focusing more on a globalist approach and less on what’s happening right here at home. 

Here in America, we’re struggling. Businesses have shut down. Oil industry workers were given the boot. Eleven million undocumented immigrants are vying for the jobs that our citizens need. And while this is going on, Biden and our elected officials chant about things like global warming and the need to show preference to transgender athletes. They vote on bills to censure Christians from speaking their beliefs aloud (as it relates to the two genders. . .yes, I said two genders). 

In short, America is fighting to keep her head above water. Dad’s checked out and doesn’t see that 74 million conservatives are being overlooked. We’re doing our best at the gymnastics meet but he will never see or care. 

America needs to heal. 

Liberals need to make sure they do all they can to help bring about healing. 

But when daddy is hyper-focused on everyone but the ones who matter, then what? 

They have to grow up and take care of themselves, that’s what. So, that’s what I’m proposing we do. 

There are 74 million of us who still want to see American thrive.
74 million who believe this country deserves strong leadership.
74 million who want to save the family before it implodes. 

And 74 million hoping and praying mom gets a new husband in 2024. 



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