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I’m no spring chicken. In fact, I’m old enough to have nine grandchildren, three in their early teens. I’ve been around awhile. I guess that means I’ve got a little life experience, right? 

Today I got to thinking about the word “progressive.” We see it a lot from The Left. They tell us that we’re supposed to be progressing, or moving forward with the times. As the teens from the 60s would’ve said, “Get with it, man!” 

(Gosh, that sounds like something our current president would say, doesn’t it? I guess that means he’s been around awhile, too.) 

Anyway, back to this word “progressive.” We’re supposed to change with the times. It’s not our wardrobe they’re asking us to shift. It’s not our hairstyle or our shoes. It’s not even the décor in our homes or our harvest gold appliances, (though, honestly. . .it might be time to switch those out). 

No, our liberal counterparts are asking us to change something much more critical than that: our belief system. According to them, what we believe—at the very core of our being—is supposed to change as culture changes. 

I can’t get with that program, man. 

Look, I do see some value in adaptability. We’ve got to examine our beliefs from time to time to see if they’re rooted in truth. If I hadn’t examined my core beliefs in my 20s I’d probably be a liberal today. I was raised in the Democrat-heavy south, after all. 

These days, I’m convinced of my core conservative beliefs. They’re not changing. And there’s nothing anyone from The Left can say or do to convince me otherwise. 

Let’s take a closer look at the word progressive (from

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It all sounds good, doesn’t it? I mean, who doesn’t want progress and reform, right? But when you really look at what modern-day progressives are asking of us you realize it’s more sinister than that. They present their “changes” as being good for humanity, but that’s not usually the case. To the left, we need to change: 

  • How we view human sexuality/gender 
  • How we view marriage
  • How we view equity
  • How we define common, everyday words
  • How we view (and teach) history
  • How we view police
  • How we view immigration
  • How we view life in the womb
  • How we view the nuclear family
  • How we view jobs vs. the environment
  • How we view the education of our children
  • How we view our rights
  • How we view the 2nd amendment
  • How we view patriotism vs. globalism
  • How we view freedom
  • How we view the right to express our faith
  • How we view the American flag
  • How we view people who voted for President Trump

In every case, progressives believe they have a “better” way to view things. According to them, there’s a better way to look at gender. There’s a better way to look at marriage. There’s a better way to look at religion. There’s a better way to look at our freedoms and rights. . .and there’s definitely a better way to look at anyone who voted for President Trump. 

Are you getting the picture? 

Progressives love to create new terms for all of these changes. We’re not male and female anymore. . .we’re gender neutral. They’re not illegal immigrants, they’re undocumented workers. It’s no longer patriotism, it’ “White Supremacist Nationalism.” 

Really, if you want the long and short of it, they’re trying to remove many of the things that are critical to conservatives. That’s why they need/want our views to change. If we stick to our core beliefs we’ll never give up things like our patriotism, our religion, our 2nd amendment rights, and so forth. But if they can get us to bend on one thing, they’ll eventually get us to bend on everything. 

Example: One of my favorite restaurants burned down a couple years ago. They just rebuilt it and we’re looking forward to going. But I just heard that they’ve got gender-neutral bathrooms. These aren’t one stall bathrooms. They’re big bathrooms with a common hand-washing area where men and women all go in. . .together. 

I’m trying to picture my seven-year-old granddaughter in there with a man in his 50s. 

Nope. Just ain’t happening. 

So, I guess you could say I’m unwilling to “progress” in this area. And that would (by The Left’s definitions) make me bigoted. If I do give in and bend a little in this area, where will we be in five years? Or ten? Where will that granddaughter of mine be? 

No, I’ve examined my core beliefs and I’m not bending. Which means I’ll never be politically correct. Which mean I’m now seen as suspect by our current administration. Which means I’m going to have to stand stronger than ever over the next four years. 

Which, of course, is exactly what I plan to do. 

I hope you will stand alongside me, friends. Solidify your core beliefs and stand tall. 



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