Are we Raising Racist Babies?

Photo courtesy @invent

Scarlet Lindsey | Civil Patriot

According to the Arizona Dept. of Education, babies can start showing signs of racism by three months of age. 

You read that right. 

According to the department’s new “equity” toolkit. . . (Side note: any time you see the word “equity” used by the government. . .run). Anyway, according to this new toolkit, “white children remain strongly biased in favor of whiteness” by age five. 

Because, you know. . .they’re racists. 

Take a look at the following graphic from this very unique “toolkit.”

Photo courtesy @Az. Dept. of Education

According to this graphic (based on a range of studies from 1997 to 2016), babies look equally at faces of all races at birth. 

By three months they’re differentiating between the faces of other races and seem to prefer the ones that match their caregiver. (This startling fact makes that infant a racist, apparently.) 

By two they’re using race as a factor to determine why a person is acting as they are. 

And, according to this graph, prejudice peaks between the ages of four and five. 

Four and five. 

They’re full-blown racists by then. 

So, babies aren’t color-blind. And it’s up to the parent to begin to teach racial sensitivity from the moment they’re born. (Heaven only knows what that would look like, especially if we put the government in charge of it.) 

As you might imagine, parents have had some solid reactions to this graphic. Here’s what one mom had to say:

“I’m a mom and little kids are completely a-racial until the parents and tv and movies and their local community influence them.”

Another mom said this: 

“They’re completely over the edge with their insane critical race theory. Targeting three-month old babies now? The boredom must be immense & intense at the Arizona Department of Education…”

A father of a three-year old had this to say: 

Yeah, sure. . .a three-month-old is racist. That doesn’t even make sense. The only people that would call a three-month-old ‘racist’ are racists. They only see race in everything.

I agree! This hyper-fixation on race is leading us down a dark road. 

What’s next? Babies in the womb are racist? That becomes criteria for aborting them? 

Sounds ludicrous now, but most of the things we hear these days were ludicrous just a few brief years ago. Now they’re commonplace and accepted as fact. 

The world has gone crazy. Stark, raving mad, if you want my opinion. I say we leave the babies alone. They’re the most unprejudiced among us and I’d like it to stay that way. 



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