Asleep at the Wheel: Can the Ghost of Christmas Future Awaken the RINOs from their Slumber?

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Brock Benson | Civil Patriot 

Most Republicans, even those who weren’t fans of Donald Trump back in 2016, would say that they are, at the core, principled conservatives. They care as much or more about the policies of conservatism as they do who’s sitting in the Oval Office. So, one would think that these “principled” people would stand by their convictions right now and fight for their republic so that it doesn’t fall into the hands of men and women set on changing the course of American history forever. 

Instead, many of these RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) have simply disappeared off the map as the election fraud has come to light. You don’t see them on the news fighting for what’s right. You don’t read their passionate quotes in the newspaper. They’ve vanished like puffs of smoke.  

Common sense would say, “Fight for the one man who’s defended conservative values above all others.” But, no. They don’t seem interested in doing that. They’re not joining the throngs of other Republicans who are fighting against election fraud. They’re not taking a stand for what’s right. Instead, they’re more than happy to usher Biden and Harris—the very opposite of all they stand for—into the White House, instead. 

Politics I supposed to be the second-oldest profession. I have come to realize that it bears a very close resemblance to the first.
Ronald Reagan

Why is this? Is this just about Trump’s personality? Are these Never-Trumpers standing by some “greater principle” because they’re so repulsed by the man? Many have expressed their disgust at Trump’s tweets. Others have argued with his border policy. Still others have disapproved of the way he has handled the COVID crisis. They haven’t held back in their opinions. 

But they should be bigger than all of that if they’re truly conservative. . .right? Or, is there something more sinister going on here? Is it possible some of these principled men and women have sold themselves out? Have they (gasp!) actually worked to get Biden elected? 

RINOS have had one very serious problem throughout Trump’s presidency: His approval rating has remained relatively high. Most of their own constituents are Trump-lovers, which puts them at a crossroads. How do you take down the man without losing the people who voted you into office to work alongside him? 

Easy. You work covertly with the Democrats to make sure he doesn’t get elected. And then, when the president’s fighting for his very life, you let it slip that you don’t want to be pressured to admit to fraud. You say it would be wrong to investigate. You imply that overturning an illegitimate election would be wrong. 

As if allowing a fraudulent election to stand would be the thing a principled conservative would agree to. 

These RINOs have, as my mama used to say, thrown the baby out with the bath water. Only, in this case, the baby represents the country they claim to love. 

It’s not too late. I hope many of those who’ve remained silent will be struck with pangs of conscience. I hope they have a visitation in the night from the Ghost of Christmas future, so that they can see what this country will look like after a Biden-Harris term has run its course. When they awake from their slumber, I pray these men and women will come clean and admit that this election was a sham. 

They have to know that our president won’t stand a chance against the liberal mob unless a team of solid conservatives rallies behind him. 

It’s not too late to join that team.  

May the Ghost of Christmas future shake them from their slumber.  



  1. I have always supported President Trump and am constantly amazed as to why there are so many people in this country that despise the man, when all he wants to is make America great again and after the previous 8 years, we need that type of push from the top.

  2. That is the wrong question. The RINOS are not going to change. They have a sec serving comfortable position on the top rail of the fence. The correct question should be: ” When are the real republicans going to grow a spine and deal with these self serving phony RINOS in an appropriate manner. .Examples…. do not appoint to committees , cut off RNC funding , run effective candidates in primary opposition’s , do not support them in any capacity , deny them any type of party support. With that stated, The “rest” of the party members would have to first actually become useful party members and become a team player. To achieve that there are a whole bunch that would have to grow another anatomical necessity.


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