Biden is Setting Some Strange New Records

Photo courtesy @MarkusWinkler

Annie Peterson | Civil Patriot

Politicians are always trying to set records. They want to be the first to do this, or the first to do that. . .basically shattering records from previous administrations. 

Biden’s shattering a few records, but not the kind you think. 


He’s officially gone the longest period of time (50 days now) for a new president to NOT hold a solo press conference. In over 100 years there has never been an incoming president who avoided the press for this length of time. One has to wonder why. Most have speculated that he’s unable to handle the questions without the aid of his puppeteers/handlers nearby. This might sound like an extreme accusation, but having a press conference (and answering questions with clarity) would go a long way in easing those concerns. 

He has signed more Executive Orders than any other president in our nation’s history. Combine that with his unwillingness to speak to the people and it appears he’s attempting to “reign” rather than preside. Some have gone so far as to call his approach to ruling “dictatorial.” 

He has killed more jobs in his first weeks in office than any president in our nation’s history. This is a gut-wrenching reality. It’s not just the Keystone Pipeline order; it’s also this $15/hour minimum wage order, which is definitely going to force hundreds (if not thousands) of small businesses to shut down. 

His open borders policy has resulted in a 163% increase in illegal immigrants flooding over the border, in the month and a half since he took office. Many are unaccompanied minors. (Don’t even ask how he’s housing them.) Many are also coming in with COVID-positive test results, spreading the virus as they go. 

He doesn’t answer questions. When asked about the crisis at the border, for instance, he walks away without offering an answer. Is it possible he doesn’t know the answer, (or that those who guide him behind the scenes aren’t there to advise him so he doesn’t want to take the risk)? 

Speaking of handlers: Biden has probably already set some sort of record for the number of faux pas he has fumbled through. He’s forgotten names of his new cabinet members, couldn’t remember what the Pentagon was called, and has (many times) rambled, mumbled, or muttered under his breath, often using phrases that are nonsensical at times. 

He has offered no State of the Union address. 

Actually, he doesn’t need to. I think we’re all clear on the state of our union since Biden took office. It’s unraveling, more and more each day. Hearing him say otherwise would just feel like a slap in the face.

I don’t know about you but I’m done with all of these negative records. I’m ready for some new ones, like bringing back the good old days of conservative leadership. 

Anyone with me? 

Good. Then let’s work hard to make sure this never ever happens again. 


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