Biden, the Media’s Painted Pony

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Annie Peterson | Civil Patriot

I have a friend who used to paint carousel horses. No, really. I still remember the intricate details, the colors, the jewels. The woman was a true artist. She knew just what to do to draw people in. 

Here’s the thing about carousel horses. They don’t actually do anything. Oh, they draw attention to themselves. They make you think they’re accomplishing something. But, without the mechanisms inside the carousel controlling them, they wouldn’t even go up or down. They literally just sit there, idle, waiting for instructions from those manipulating the gears. 

Sound like anyone you know? 

I’ve lived through many a presidency in my lifetime but I’ve never sensed one like this, where you have the distinct feeling there are puppeteers (er, mechanisms in the carousel) making this pony go up and down. They prop him up, move him around, tell him what to sign, where to sign it, and when. They give him note cards, cheat sheets, faux crowds, and an illusion of forward-thinking. 

And the media eats it up. All they see is the paint. The jewels. The beautiful exterior that cries, “The liberals are back! Look at us! We’re going to make everything right again!” 

So, they puff up that pony to make him look glorious. He’s got more votes than any other president in the history of presidents. He’s got more adoring fans that you can seat in tiny circles on a lawn. And he’s got the power—er, the designated authority—to sign, sign, sign as many Executive Orders as they can place in front of him. 

Whoever they are. 

Back to my friend. Those ponies she painted? She crafted them into whatever image she saw in her head. And that’s what’s happening here. It’s not who Biden is. . .it’s who the media is telling us he is. They paint the pony and we are supposed to ooh and aah, completely won over by the image they’ve presented. (And can I just say they’re very skilled at shaping and reshaping people over time to draw people in.) 

Oh, but don’t worry! If he messes up, they’ll just take their little paintbrushes and fix him up again. Then they’ll push the button on the carousel and around and around he’ll go—up, down, up, down. Never truly doing anything of his own accord. 

Most of the country is on the carousel, too, letting it take them wherever it deems they should go. 

But, you? 

It’s tempting, but you don’t have to take the ride. 

Refuse the token.
Don’t climb aboard.
Don’t be swayed by the paint, the motion, or the many, many folks who are gleefully along for the ride. 

Be brave. Step off the ride. 

There will be more painted ponies in our future. The media and Big Tech already have their paint brushes out, ready to craft the next show-pony into their image. But we’ve got eyes to see beyond all of that. We won’t be swept in by an illusion. 

We see the gears moving. We see the mechanisms taking those lifeless forms up and down. And we see the sadness of a country stuck onboard, convinced they’re actually making forward motion when, in fact, they’re simply making circles.  

A great deal of intelligence can be invested in ignorance when the need for illusion is deep.
Saul Bellow



  1. He has a great pen but what else other than trying to destroy the Country. Giving Covid 19 vacine away before the country is entirely immunized is just crazy stupid. We are no able to be every ones daddy/mommy.

  2. Painted Pony? Biden is a Horses Ass and a Threat to Our Very Existence! The sooner he and the Democrat Party are Gone, the Better.

  3. Painted Pony? Biden is a Horses Backside and a threat to Our Very Existence. The sooner he and the Democrat party are Gone the Better.


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