Biden Throws Kink in Trump’s Plan to Lower Insulin Prices

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Annie Peterson | Civil Patriot

My youngest daughter is a Type I diabetic. She was diagnosed as a child and has been on insulin ever since. She’s 20 now and still using her insulin daily. A Trump supporter (I raised her right!) she was thrilled to hear the news that he was fighting to lower insulin prices. So, imagine her shock to hear that incoming President Biden has put a 60-day halt to that price drop. 

Talk about hitting close to home. 

My girls isn’t one to complain publicly. To be honest, she rarely even tells us (her loved ones) when she’s struggling. But I know she doesn’t have the funds for her insulin and we’ve been quick to help, because we know it’s a life-saving medication. 

Still, I’m grieved by the news that Biden has halted Trump’s plan to lower prices right away. 

By way of backstory, back in December then-President Donald Trump signed a measure that would require some community health centers to deliver savings to low-income patients for their insulin. Trump’s ultimate goal: to bring down prices. This rule was set to go into effect on Friday. Thanks to Biden, it has now been delayed for an additional 60 days.  Why would he do this, you ask? The official statement is that the pause will give Biden and his team time to review the measure. 

As a result of HHS’ freeze, the effective date of the 340B Insulin Pass-Through Rule has now been delayed until at least March 22, 2021. While there is currently no indication whether the Biden administration will ultimately rescind or revise the 340B Insulin Pass-Through Rule, the delay offers community health centers additional time to develop plans to comply with the 340B Insulin Pass-Through Rule.
(National Law Review)

Maybe it’s the “Mama” in me, but I’m concerned that the lag in time will be detrimental to many diabetics—like my young daughter—who can’t afford their insulin as it is. What will they do while they wait? Not everyone has parents or friends ready to step in and cover the costs if they cannot. Will they have to go without? 

Twitterers have been quick to respond to Biden’s decision, including U.S. Congresswoman Nancy Mace from S. Carolina. She posted: 

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She’s not alone! Those in the medical community are particularly concerned. Check out these tweets from two medical doctors:

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Photo courtesy @twitter

Of course, those most affected are the ones, like my daughter, who depend on insulin. They’ve been very vocal across the Twitter-sphere:

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The disappointment reflected in the (above) tweet is echoed across the country from those who are personally affected by Biden’s decision.  

I think we can all agree that lowering insulin prices is needed. . .and quickly. 

  • This is not a partisan issue. 
  • This is not a political issue. 
  • This is a life-saving issue, one that needs to be resolved as quickly as possible so that people can continue getting the meds they need. (If there was ever a time when diabetics need to stay healthy, it’s now. . .during the Time of COVID.)  

We don’t have sixty days, Joe. Our loved ones need their insulin. . .now.  



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