Biden’s $1.9 Trillion Coronavirus Bill Being Read Aloud by Senate Clerks

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Annie Peterson | Civil Patriot 

Senate Democrats are in the process of ramming through Biden’s $1.9 trillion coronavirus legislation. As they voted to begin debate on the bill on Thursday, they ended up with a 50-50 tie, which was broken by VP Kamala Harris. 

Instead of kicking off the debate after Harris’s vote, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis) requested the entire 628-page legislation be read aloud by Senate clerks in advance of any discussion. 

(He has this strange notion that you should actually know what’s in a bill before agreeing to it. Go figure.) 

But that was his request: 628 pages. Read aloud. 

As you might imagine, the Democrats were none too happy about this request. Usually the reading aloud of a bill is waived (and Dem. Schumer was hoping things would go that way today) but a marathon reading session was soon underway.

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Johnson had a point in this unusual request, “All I’m trying to do is make this a more deliberative process [and] obviously shine the light on this abusive and obscene amount of money,” he explained. 

So, back to that $1.9 trillion legislation. Mitch McConnell had this to say about it: 

“This $1.9 trillion bill is the same size of the bill we passed last April, right in the middle of the pandemic. This is not the same country we had one year ago. Only 9% of this $1.9 trillion is related to health care, and less than 1% of this $1.9T bill is related to vaccines.”

Check out a copy of the full bill here

Republicans are attempting to offer a series of amendments to the bill, which is loaded down with non-COVID-19 items, (such as more Obamacare subsidies for the wealthy and increasing minimum wage to $15/hour). Republicans would rather not load up the bill with unrelated matter. They’re more interested in the American people and their struggle to stay afloat after such a difficult year. 

It has been a year, by the way. One year ago this week our world changed forever as lockdowns and mandates began. Crazy, to think of how far we’ve come. Or, maybe it would be easier to say, “How far we haven’t come.” 

Regardless, the Democrats are keen to cut checks to Americans as a thank you for playing along over the 12 months. Now, if they could just figure out what they’re signing off on, that would be extremely helpful. 



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