Biden’s Dark Winter

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D.J. Neeley | Civil Patriot

He tried to warn us, folks. Biden said we had a “dark winter” ahead of us. We didn’t want to believe him, of course. Who wants to view the world through such a pessimistic lens, after all? 

Turns out, Biden was right. We are in the middle of the dark winter. Someone walked into the Oval Office and turned out the light, not just on the building, but the whole country. Then they ushered in a winter storm so severe it locked us in place, unable to function as we stumbled through the house, bumping our knees on the coffee table. 

Okay, that might be a little dramatic, but it really is feeling like a dark winter, now that I’ve seen some of Biden’s Executive Orders. And, of course, the ridiculous drama the House and Senate just put President Trump through. (Though, he managed to sail through his winter and land squarely in spring.) 

Here are a few signs that winter is upon us: 

  • Restrictions for conservatives on social media. 
  • Prominent representatives and conservative voices squashed by the media and Big Tech. 
  • The loss of jobs. 
  • Open borders. 
  • Lockdowns and mask mandates. 
  • Accusations that we’re all conspiracy theorists. 
  • The recent news that Biden plans to restrict gun rights. 

Yeah, it’s looking pretty dark in here. 

So, how does one go about surviving a winter storm such as this? I have a few suggestions based on how we Texans made it through Hurricane Harvey. 

  • Have a backup generator. Always have a plan in place so that you can move forward. For conservatives, this means we have to already be thinking of 2022 and 2024, setting a plan in motion so that we’re not stuck once again. A generator brings power and that’s what we need. We can’t remain stuck in the ice and snow. There’s always a path forward. We’re not weaklings. Together, we’re a force to be reckoned with! 
  • Have provisions handy. It’s always good to have literal provisions stocked up, of course, especially in the middle of a pandemic. But I would suggest there are other provisions you might want to consider, too: Know the Constitution. Know your rights. Understand the Republican platform. Fully examine the conservative principles that drive us toward true freedom. In other words, know why you believe what you believe. 
  • Have flashlights and/or candles. You’ve got to see clearly or you’ll be locked in place. Instead of giving in to fear, now that Biden is in office, we’ve got to keep our eye on the prize—freedom for our children and grandchildren. Let their faces illuminate your path as you move forward. 
  • Cover your pipes. Or, as we church-going folks are prone to say: “Guard your heart.” Don’t get hurt so easily. Don’t let the spiteful comments of others get you down. Don’t spend your days focusing on the negative. You might have to turn off the TV (even conservative channels) for a few days to lift your spirits and guard your heart. 
  • Get to higher ground. When they go low (and they will) we have to go high. If we continually play this cat and mouse game with the Democrats they’ll always end up playing the cat and we’ll always be the mouse. We’ve got to think higher. Bigger. And we’ve got to act out of strong, pure motives for the good of the country, not knee-jerk reactions that feel right in the moment. So, no flash-in-the-pan reactions on Facebook. No retweets of hateful posts. It’s not about that. There is a higher, bigger plan, one that’s going to take time. 
  • Have a way to communicate with the outside world. This isn’t a time to stop making your voice heard. Send letters to representatives. Run for office. Speak the truth in love whenever you’re given a chance. Post the truth in love on social media. Encourage your conservative friends to keep going. Send a note of thanks to President Trump and his family members. 

Remember, storms don’t last forever. Sure, they feel like they do when you’re in the middle of them, but they always pass. 

  • Biden’s term will pass. 
  • This Congress will pass. 

What won’t pass is our passion to see this country return to its foundation so that our children and grandchildren don’t have to hunker down in dark winters of their own. 

But, if we’ve raised them right, they’ll be able to survive them because they watched us in action. 


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