Biden’s Dog Causes Injury in White House

(Official White House Photo: Copyright Adam Schultz)

Annie Peterson | Civil Patriot

I’m a dog lover so it brings me no pleasure to report that President Biden’s German Shepherd, Major, has apparently injured a member of White House security team. 

According to a spokesman, the dog (who came to the President’s family as a rescue) has been known to display agitated behavior on occasion, “including jumping, barking, and ‘charging’ at staff and security.”

Major—who was adopted in November 2018 from the Delaware Humane Society in Wilmington—is the first shelter dog to take up residence in the White House. He has a host of fans who wish him only the best. 

Non-dog lovers won’t get it, but I do. I foster dogs for a local rescue and they often come to me with similar personality traits that need time, love, and consistency. Unfortunately, Major and his “bonded brother” Champ have been through a lot of upheaval in recent months. No doubt it’s going to take time for them to acclimate to their new digs. 

I’ll stop short of saying “It’s going to take time for them to get used to Joe” but (as a citizen struggling with the same issue) I can feel their pain. 

Major and Champ were sent to Delaware after the incident. According to inside sources they were already scheduled to make the move while the President’s wife, Jill Biden, is out of town. 

Of course, the twittersphere is abuzz with comments and jokes after learning the three-year-old canine took a bite out of a security guard. Author Frederick Joseph had this to say: 

“Major Biden is the only one in the White House who I’m aligned with on police.”

(insert eye roll) 

Another posted:

“I want to hear Major Biden’s side of the story, please @Oprah”

The President has not commented on the incident but a statement was put out on Major’s behalf on a fan page called “The Oval Pawffice” (totally unaffiliated with the White House). 

It read:
“In light of the ‘biting incident’ news and unsubstantiated ‘aggressive behavior’ pawccusations flying at me faster than Champ’s floofs during brushing, I would like to point out that causing mere scratches duing playtime can happen to the best of us, especially if we are still puppies and have high energy levels.

“I would never bite anyone, not intentionally. I maintain that I am innocent and remain hopeful that the pupcoming investigation will show exactly that.”

How can you be mad at the feisty German Shepherd when he stands falsely accused, friends? 

I say we take it easy on Major. He might just be the least dangerous Biden in the White House these days. That’s my opinion, anyway. 



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