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I live in Texas, just hours from the Mexico border. It might not surprise you to hear that I’m not a fan of open borders. In fact, I’m keen on one kind of immigration only: the legal kind. And I’m not alone. 

Exit polling after the election reveals that voters across party and racial lines overwhelmingly want less overall immigration to the U.S. More than 3-in-4 voters, for instance, said it is important to reduce immigration with continued high unemployment, and more than 62 percent said, even after unemployment has leveled off, immigration should remain lower than its current levels. (breitbart.com) 

Before I go any further, I feel compelled to add, “I don’t have a racist bone in my body.” I say that, because the Left would have you believe that my tightened stance on immigration somehow makes me one. They would be wrong. The fact that I believe in legal immigration means I welcome with open arms anyone who is willing to do the right thing to become a U.S. citizen. They can become my neighbors any day of the week. 

Joe Biden, on the other hand, believes in open borders. He’s keen on throwing wide the doors and allowing everyone through. Not only that, he’s happy to up my tax bill in order to provide free services for all of them once they arrive. 

  • Healthcare? Why not?! We’ve got you covered.
  • Food stamps? Well, sure! We’re more than happy to pay more in taxes to ensure you have what you need. 
  • Need a free college education? We’ll get you signed up right away. 
  • Want to vote in our elections while you’re here? We’re tickled to add you to the Democrat party. 

As you can imagine, migrants are very excited about the possibilities. One group recently stampeded the Texas border chanting “Biden! Biden!” 

On the night of December 29, up to 400 migrants – mostly from Cuba – forced their way past Mexican immigration and over turnstiles on the Paso del Norte Bridge, seeking to force their way into El Paso, Texas. (charliekirk.com)

They’re giddy over the possibilities. After four years of living under Trump’s stricter policies, Joe must seem like a dream date to them. He’s that boyfriend who gives the girl a wink and says, “I’ve got you covered, girlie.” 

He does have them covered, too. 

Biden has several times promised an amnesty bill, an end to deportations and a reversal of Trump immigration policies during his first 100 days in office, a message which, according to Enrique Valenzuela – head of the Chihuahua State Council for Population and Migration – is spreading like wildfire on social media.

Migrants are expecting to be let in immediately.

“There is the expectation, there is hope and there is enthusiasm in them who believe that with the change of administration comes new measures and that they will immediately enter and there will be new conditions that will allow them to request asylum,” he said in an interview with Mexican newspaper El Sol de Parral. (charliekirk.com) 

According to breitbart.com, Biden will seek amnesty for over 11 million illegal aliens within the first 100 days of his presidency. 

This, of course, raises a lot of questions in my mind: 

  • Where will these 11 million people live? 
  • Who will pay their way? 
  • Will they be properly vetted? 
  • Will they be provided jobs? 
  • Shouldn’t those jobs go to folks who are here legally? 
  • Will we have access to any arrest records?
  • If not, can we expect to see a massive jump in drug deals, murders, and other dangerous crimes? 
  • Will it stop at 11 million or will this open door remain open for the full four years Biden sits in the White House? 

I have a big heart. Don’t believe it? Ask my family. Ask my neighbors. Ask the folks at my church. But I’m also practical. I don’t see how—or why—we should give more to our non-citizens than the good men and women who’ve done the right things all this time. It just makes no sense to me. And if that makes you think I’m a racist, well. . .there’s not much more I can do to change your mind. 

Currently, about 24.5 million Americans are either jobless or underemployed, but all want full-time jobs. Those unemployed are forced to compete in the labor market by an endless stream of foreign workers who secure visas and green cards that rack up to more than 2.5 million admissions every year. (breitbart.com)




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